Texas Chainsaw 3D secures first place at the US box office

News Ryan Lambie
7 Jan 2013 - 07:14

In spite of some damning reviews, Texas Chainsaw 3D has managed to knock The Hobbit off the number one spot in the US...

"A clunky, lumbering sequel that, like its masked protagonist, has no redeeming features," read Kim Newman's review for Empire. "As pointless as one feared it might be," Nigel Floyd's review for Time Out sighed. Little White Lies' David Jenkins summed up his reaction with a simple, "Oh dear lord, no."

As the above sample indicates, the critical reaction for Texas Chainsaw 3D hasn't been too positive, and at the time of writing, this slasher movie sort-of-remake, sort-of-sequel directed by John Luessenhop has amassed a dismal aggregate score of just 21 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes.

In spite of those reviews, Texas Chainsaw 3D has fared surprisingly well at this weekend's US box office, and even succeeded in frightening The Hobbit from its position at the top spot - a place it's roosted for a week and a half. In fact, the sun-drenched slasher movie even managed to make beat Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained, making $23 million to Django's $20 million.

With Texas Chainsaw 3D only costing $20million to make, that means it's already made its money back within a few days - though it still has its presumably hefty marketing budget to cover yet. And while studio Twisted Pictures will no doubt be impressed with its better-than-expected turnout, its bosses probably shouldn't be opening the champagne yet; the 2006 Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake made $28 million in its first weekend, and that was without the benefit of 3D's added cost to a cinema ticket. And if Chainsaw 3D receives negative word-of-mouth from this weekend's moviegoers, it's likely to see its profits fall heavily next week.

Neither Peter Jackson nor Quentin Tarantino are unlikely to be perturbed, either. The first part of The Hobbit has now passed $800 million worldwide, while Django Unchained has accumulated more than $100 million, which means it's on course to become Tarantino's biggest financial hit so far.

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