Sacha Baron Cohen explains Django Unchained departure

Sacha Baron Cohen was one of a few actors to leave Django Unchained. Recently, he's been chatting about what prompted his decision...

The release of Django Unchained in UK cinemas is drawing closer, and as such, many of those attached to the film have been chatting about it. In addition to that, we've some comments by someone who had to leave the project - none other than Sacha Baron Cohen. Here's what he had to say about dropping out of the film:

“I was editing The Dictator, and we were very close to the release and Paramount wouldn’t push the date and then I knew I had to jump straight from there into Les Mis and it basically became a choice of pulling out of Les Mis or pulling out of Django.” He continued: “I'm sure Django is an incredible movie, but it was essentially one scene.”

He went on to provide details of his would be character:

“It was a character by the name of Scotty, whom Leonardo DiCaprio's character plays poker with - the stakes become Scotty's slave girl, Broomhilda.”

I guess time will tell whether Cohen made the right decision, and audiences can decide for themselves soon enough, as Les Miserables is released in the UK on Friday, with Django Unchained released next week.

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Certainly sounds like he made the right decision. Love that he's getting more serious work

I think he made the right decision. Les Mis looks incredible and one scene in Django is hardly regrettable. He's a great actor and is more than his alter egos suggest.

I'm reasonably certain that this entire subplot was snipped out of the movie altogether.

Have not seen this yet, BUT I ...ahem ...erm...looks around furtively, and speaks in whisper....DOWNLOADED it a few days ago from a torrent site...I checked the quality and its a perfect DvD screener and I am looking forward to seeing it. If its crap I have not lost anything. but I love Quentin Tarentino films. Sacha B C is a great guy..I loved the Dictator, even though it was in bad taste and purile it was still very VERY funny. I never even knew he was slated to be in Django so thats an interesting article. He was good in Hugo and wasnt he supposed to be starring in a Fredie Mercury biopic about his life and Queen? That should be good if they ever get it made. I better brace myself for all the negative comments about downloading a film now....

It looks like he has a fairly big part in Les Miserables so I don't think he'll lose much sleep for one scene that might have got cut anyway.

Downloading is wrong!!!!!

I will reserve comment about your downloading the film. Although, based on my last few visits to the multiplex which were awful I don't blame you. The movie houses have got to raise their game and make it a better experience then maybe people would be more inclined to go and not download...
Anyway, I digress, I also heard SBC had been cast as Freddie Mercury and I did think what an inspired piece of casting. Is it still going ahead? (fingers crossed)

Paying 14$ and 20 for some popcorn and a drink is too, particularly when the movie biz is turning into a "diamond in the rough" industry

There's been umteen versions of Les Mis, but every single Tarentino movie has been unique....I think he made the wrong choice

You are being forced to buy popcorn & a drink?!? I don't go to the cinema for a meal!!

Perhaps SBC will have a bigger & better role in the next Quentin movie?

I go to the cinema at least once a week, but if it wasn't for my Cineworld card i would be pirating. Its just a rip off and at home i still pirate everything i cant get from my netflix or lovefilm instant accounts. I want to be legal but i would then be spending thousands on Blurays which i just can't afford. I spend £25 a month on film and TV legally... they can make do with that!

Dudes...dudes...groovy den of geekers...PEACE! I know downloading is wrong, but I am not the only one that does it, I know that does not make it right etc etc though. I only go to the Cinema these days if the film is worth it..I saw Hobbit, but thats all I have seen there this year as the ticket prices are stupid. It cost me £20 to go and see it with my wife. I bought nothing in the cinema and had to smuggle a can of coke and a packet of M&Ms in because I could not afford £3 for a coke the same size as the one I had, that I had paid 80p for in shop, and I was not going to pay £4 for a packet of M&Ms when I had got two packets for £1 at the local co op. Add to the fact that to get to the nearest cinema from me that was showing the Hobbit it cost me £10 in petrol. Thats £30 to see it not including the nibbles and drinks I got. Thats only for two people...imagine how much its costing for a family of wonder people go mental about prices and download stuff. Then there is the fact that I have a 60" screen etc in my living room, so if I wait a couple of months and get it on Bluray for about £14 its not really worth my while going to the cinema anymore. Add on the pranocks on phones, chatting and chomping Dorritos in your ear, screaming kids etc and its all a bit of farce.
No one is forcing me to go to the cinema, I just cant afford to go anymore, I have a mortgage and petrol prices are stupid. Uk economy is destroyed, we are struggling to survive etc so as I said we only go to the cinema when a film we both really want to see is out., this year it was the Hobbit. The last time I was there was for Jim Carrey in a Christmas Carol back in 2009, thats because we both love Christmas and Jim C. I can remember when I used to go to the cinema each week to see a film in the early 90s. Tickets used to cost £4 no matter when you went to see it. Now its £10 a ticket at "PEAK" times.....Peak times? WTF? They have that set for Friday nights and weekends, so basically its at any time anyone with any money is free to go to the cinema and not at work so they cant go. Talk about ripping people off......So a few years back I started saving my money and in the end bought a big screen for my home, and sound system, and each weekend chill with blu rays, a beer and watch stuff I want in peace and quiet. Cinemas these days are for the younger generation and those with lots of money....

amen to that...I do the same...see above post...most of my stuff comes from blu ray rips on torrent sites. BBC license is a rip off for me, I only watch Top Gear and Doctor Who on there. If I was not married, I would have taken the tv card out of the media pc I have and save the money.
I dont bother with radio and ITV is just dire. It would be fine if I was brain dead and watched hours of soap operas, and reality crap and dancing singing shows.....I can feel my brain cells dying off just thinking about Saturday night Tv these days...Blurays are nice, but I have been looking at whats coming down the techno pipeline , HD tvs that are even better, more HD than HD, new formats etc, so all the HD stuff now will be obsolete again in a few years and they will want you to go and buy yet another new TV to watch stuff in SUPER HDD HD HHDDD and so on. Thats just the way it goes, progress and capitolism etc and to be expected. I just "pity the fool" that has spent thousands on a BOSE HD Tv or something expecting it to last does not work like that anymore. Along comes new tech, people buy it and enjoy it, then they bring out something else and you start all over again. Thats just how it is. Built in obsoletism...IT upsets the powers that be in the movie world that everyone still likes DVD and is happy to keep buying that and not everyone has jumped on Bluray like they did DvD.....suits me fine....

BBC Licence is NOT a rip off, it pays for a diverse number of programmes & an amazing number of great radio stations. Please people stop trying to justify theft. Do you steal food from supermarkets because of the prices?!?

Sorry, I cant agree. Its because of my circumstances. For me the Licence IS a Rip off. I know it makes a diverse number of programs and radio, but out of all of that, there is nothing there I want to see or listen to. But if I want to watch on tv broadcasts, ITV, CH4 or anything else as well I HAVE TO HAVE A LICENCE. I have stated this before but people just dont seem to get it. Its fine for them to make all those programs, but its all spread so thin and 90% crap. It would be better having less channels and less radio stations and making better shows etc, but I am not going to argue about it. It would be cheaper for me to buy Dr Who and Top Gear on dvd when they come out, wait a few months and you can get them in the bargain bin. I am married and the wife likes Strictly, Holby , Casualty, Eastenders X Factor, Downtown Abbey etc etc so I am stuck with paying for it. Along with crippling gas bills, electric bills, and council tax, with no help from anyone at all, and just managing to keep the house. Do I steal food from supermarkets? Let me tell you something, if I have a year like last year again, then yes I might have to just to survive. I am sick of it. I would not go that far, but I am about at the food bank stage. Internet is gone down to dial up free speeds, cant run the car for the petrol prices so I am limited to work / go for food. By the time its done I have no money left at all, and the basts in power keep making things worse and pretending everything is going well. I am not going to be the only one in this situation either. So please dont talk to me about theft / lecture me, I know its wrong, but you wont convince me the BBC is value for money. For you maybe, for many others, but its not for me. Sorry.

We don't have a TV license at my house! I watch Ripper st and Dr Who on BBC I player and thats it. I'm not paying over £100 a year on a license when i don't watch or listen to anything else the beeb is producing.

I am of the opinion that I have Love Film and Netflix, and that shows I'm willing to pay for movies, but to see every film I quite fancy in a cinema, while it's relevant and current is fiscally impossible. I think movies should be released simultaneously to cinema and payed streaming services.

Spotify has completely eliminated music piracy from my house and some similar clever thinking by the film industry would eliminate movie piracy. I know this would affect theatre takings but screw them, they should give better value for money. Popcorn is literally the cheapest food source in the world and their Cola is fizzy water with syrup and does not warrant £6. Neither should they enforce the only produce purchased at the cinema rule, because most of the time I abhor that crap. Why can't I take a punnet of cherries instead?

Oh and f*ck it while I'm at it I want to be able to smoke too.

RESPECT! So its not just me that feels this way. Thank God..I thought I was the only one...Cheers!

Exactly. The bit that makes me laugh the most is the stupid regional coding is STILL going on. So you walk into HMV and in the DVD and Blueray section it has an set of empty slots with card in them say for example "Dark Knight Rises released 25th November " or something like that, but its been out on dvd / bluray for a couple of months in the USA and is now freely available all over the internet and torrent sites, so it just gets downloaded for free. So I just think, got it, seen it and walk away. As 90% of films are crap and not worth paying for I dont feel too much guilt. Films should come out in the Cinema, then three / four months later be available on DVD and Bluray all over the world at the same time. Because with fast broadband and the internet, its just pointless for them to sit on the release for a couple more months before it comes out in the Uk, because everyone who is clued up and has broadband has now downloaded it. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid...and if people like me know it, why cant the movie people / studios work it out?
I have always smuggled food / drink into the cinema as I wont pay silly money for coke, etc, when I had lots of cash it still seemed a waste of money, these days its just criminal what they do. Mind you pubs etc do the same thing with booze...I was in a pub last summer and they had a promotion on, three bottles of becks for £10. Three small half pint bottles! Thats £10 for 1.5 pints! When you can get four cans from a supermarket for £4 - £4.50 = 4 pints. Stupid , Stupid, Stupid....And they wonder why they go out of business....


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