Sacha Baron Cohen explains Django Unchained departure

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5 Jan 2013 - 23:09

Sacha Baron Cohen was one of a few actors to leave Django Unchained. Recently, he's been chatting about what prompted his decision...

The release of Django Unchained in UK cinemas is drawing closer, and as such, many of those attached to the film have been chatting about it. In addition to that, we've some comments by someone who had to leave the project - none other than Sacha Baron Cohen. Here's what he had to say about dropping out of the film:

“I was editing The Dictator, and we were very close to the release and Paramount wouldn’t push the date and then I knew I had to jump straight from there into Les Mis and it basically became a choice of pulling out of Les Mis or pulling out of Django.” He continued: “I'm sure Django is an incredible movie, but it was essentially one scene.”

He went on to provide details of his would be character:

“It was a character by the name of Scotty, whom Leonardo DiCaprio's character plays poker with - the stakes become Scotty's slave girl, Broomhilda.”

I guess time will tell whether Cohen made the right decision, and audiences can decide for themselves soon enough, as Les Miserables is released in the UK on Friday, with Django Unchained released next week.

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