Evil Dead: new red band trailer

Trailer Ryan Lambie 4 Jan 2013 - 07:42

Viewer discretion advised, as the gore flows in the new red band trailer for the Evil Dead remake...

For a generation of horror fans, 1981's The Evil Dead was a rite of passage. Infamous among censors and politicians, yet equally prized by gore connoisseurs for its creativity and ghoulishly black humour, it became an immediate cult classic, and a sought-after VHS tape.

It's unsurprising, then, that the news of a remake has been greeted with suspicion. But then again, this year's Evil Dead has a better pedigree than most, with a promising young director (Fede Alvarez) at the helm, Sam Raimi credited as producer, and Oscar-winner Diablo Cody responsible for reworking the script. It's also clear that Alvarez and Raimi have gone for a somewhat different tone; although the crimson fountains of gore are still present, the tone is harsh, and the hints of Grand Guignol comedy which punctuated the 1981 movie appear to be entirely absent.

The posters have promised that Evil Dead will be "The most terrifying film you will ever experience". Given just how familiar the cabin in the woods horror subgenre is, we'll be interested to see if the finished film lives up to the claim - particularly in the wake of such knowing horror entries as Tucker & Dale Versus Evil and, of course, Cabin In The Woods.

Evil Dead's out in the UK on the 19th April.

Bear in mind that the red band trailer is as violent as it sounds, and what you'll find below is decidedly not safe for work. You have been warned.

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Needs more chin.

So it's oral sex in the woods this time... Sold!

That looks... Mental!
First date level mental... *This should be released on Valentines day!*

This is awesome. Looks like it could be just as crazy as Evil Dead II, which is a definite bonus.


Atrocious. Painful o watch. An embarrassment to all the lovers of the first two Evil Dead. Turning that classic masterpiece into another generic gore porn movie is the most idiotic thing they could have done.

dont people like the 3rd?
i didnt think it was that bad its just lost its humour and gone straight!


Talk for yourself buddy. As a lover of the Evil Dead, this looks as though its doing everything right. The first was banned because of its voilence and gore, makes sense that the remake would follow suit and up the ante. Have faith in the boys (R+C+T) and Fede Alvarez looks like he has his head switched on. This looks nothing like generic gore porn.

Exactly. The original trio behind the original ED are behind this remake. Hell, for that alone I'm giving it a look.

Man, that would be killer...would beat a box of chocolates any day, I'd say!

The third film was awesome! And it's packed with a ton of great one-liners.

What was wrong with the third one? You can't beat some of the one liners, like when Ash blows away his evil twin, "Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the gun."

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