Matt Damon offers an update on a return to Bourne

News Glen Chapman
4 Jan 2013 - 06:50
The Bourne Ultimatum. Has summer 2007 saved the best for pretty much last?

Not a million miles away from his previous comments but he certainly seems more open to a return.

Whilst I don't think The Bourne Legacy deserved the level of scorn that was directed at it - it's a solid movie - it is comfortably the worst of the franchise. But even with that being the case, I would still be interested to see further instalments with Renner as the star.

Towards the end of last year, Matt Damon stated that he would be open to a return performance, but his involvement is very much tied in with Paul Greengrass - so basically, no Greengrass, no Damon. In a recent interview, Damon has been drawn on the matter once again and had the following to say:

“If someone wrote a good script, I would consider revisiting it. I'm just tied to Paul Greengrass, so if they could ever figure out a story, I'd consider it.” He continued: “That's why we didn't do it the last time. They hadn't cracked one for my character so they did it with Jeremy [Renner].”

So whilst this isn't drastically different from previous comments he's made about a possible return to the franchise, he certainly seems more positive about a return. I would have thought now Damon and Renner would have a very strong negotiating position.


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