A Good Day To Die Hard: new trailer

Trailer Ryan Lambie 3 Jan 2013 - 18:10

Explosions! McClane! It's the new trailer for A Good Day To Die Hard...

If we've learned one thing from these various Die Hard 5 trailers, it's that Bruce Willis and his screen son Jai Courtney fall through a lot of glass ceilings during the course of this latest shoot-em-up adventure.

It's now 25 years since the original Die Hard, and the series has gradually mutated from claustrophobic, broiling thriller to an occasional city-wide firework display. This time, the backdrop is Russia. With estranged son Jack in tow, John McClane is forced to blow stuff up and discharge firearms in the name of democracy. It all looks like big, silly entertainment.

A Good Day To Die Hard opens on 14th February in the UK.

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Hmm.. are they sure this trailer is boombastic enough?

feels like the complete film and final scene in one trailer :(

The question he should really be asking himself is whether he's immortal. The heart's been sucked out of this franchise. Now it's just about finding poor excuses to wisecrack at terrorists and do crazy explosions and then pretend this is just another one of those days. Me and my Die Hard 1 DVD are outta here.

So, so far removed from the BRILLIANT original. Cringe-worthy.

It's an action movie, guys. I love DH1 as much as the next guy but I'll take more McClane over no McLane.

Looks great to me ! Can't you just guys have fun ? For God's sake, it's just an action movie ! Don't take it too seriously !

Let the son die on page 17 of the script, please.

The problem is that the original Die Hard wasn't just a basic action movie.
If this had a different title and different characters, pretty much everybody would be ok with it. But this is not Die Hard.

Also, John Moore is a tool, everything he touches turns into sh*t.

I actually enjoyed Live Free and Die Hard. It has one of my favorite quotes from the series. "You're a timex watch in a digital age John." (Which, annoyingling was cut from the otherwise superier unrated edition) but this looks absolutely awful. None of Willis' lines say Mcclane to me and his son dwarfs him in size, and looks to be taking up too much of the screen time. I love me some Die Hard so i'll go into the cinema with an open mind, but I really did not like that trailer.

I'm gonna have to disagree with some comments here and say its harking back to the orginal.

1 Liners - check
Terrorists - check
OTT action - check
The McClanes being a pain the arse - check
All we need is at least a 15 rating so we can swear a bit and we're goldern

die hard is a classic, no doubt. but in a world of unoriginality i'm still looking forward to this, the action looks decent and willis is always good value - it's got to be better than the last one at least....yippee kay yi mother *gunshot*

It would appear this movie brings nothing new to the genre, which modern day action films need to have in order for them not to be a failure. I love action films as long as they are done intelligently and have something interesting about them, but I think the world has moved on from mindless action for no other reason than mindless action - even Arnie's "The Last Stand" looks interesting but A Good Day to Die Hard is as necessary as Die Hard 4.0, i.e. not at all.

Jack McClane looks like Karen Allen in KOTCS, just happy to be there..

Uh ?? Die Hard 1 is about a single cop trapped in a building, killing dozens of terrorists, alone. There are explosions, humor, funny punchlines... I loved it, but it really is just a fun action movie ! It's not Hitchcock ! And John Moore, technically I don't see no wrong in his filmmaking, his past movies almost all sucked I agree, but he didn't write them, and visually they were at least decent. So it will depend on the script. I hope they don't screw it up !

It is an action movie, indeed. But Die Hard is as much about the explosions and gun fights as about the character of McClane, his marital problems, the relationship he builds with Powell, etc.
As I said, not just a basic action movie. Whereas Die Hard 5 seems to be one.

"John Moore, technically I don't see no wrong in his filmmaking [...] and visually they were at least decent."

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