Joseph Gordon-Levitt for Guardians Of The Galaxy?

News Ryan Lambie 3 Jan 2013 - 07:16

Rumour has it that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has joined the shortlist for the lead role in Guardians Of The Galaxy...

For the past few months, rumours have been circulating about the identity of who will play the lead role in James Gunn's forthcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy adaptation. Mysterious Hollywood insiders have tossed out names including Joel Edgerton, Jack Huston and Garrett Hedlund as potential suitors for the part of Peter Quill in Marvel's space-based adventure opus.

Within the last 24 hours, a further name has been added to that list: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the actor widely rumoured to be playing Batman in Warner's Justice League. The story goes that Gordon-Levitt is, like those other actors mentioned above, on the shortlist for the lead role.

Given just how strong Gordon-Levitt's performance was in the hit Looper, it's unsurprising that Marvel would be interested in hooking him into its sci-fi superhero franchise. The overriding question, though, is whether he'd be willing to put Batman aside in favour of Guardians Of The Galaxy - that's assuming he was ever going to play Batman in the first place, of course. In the murky world of superhero movie making, just about anything's possible...

More news on Guardians Of The Galaxy as it comes in.


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Good, solid choice - better than Batman :)

Nope, wo't appen. This rumnour is jst that, IMHO

It wouldn't surprise me he seems to be in everything recently :P

That's a guess, not an opinion.

I'd be suprised if he gets a part in GOTG or any Marvel movie to be honest. He must surely be talking some kinda deal with DC right now. If not though, i would move quick to get him if i was Marvel. He's deffo a star on the rise.

Does anyone seriously think that DC is going to have a Batman movie that doesn't feature Bruce Wayne? I know they have a habit of screwing up their own comic franchises, but I just can't see that happening.

He would be a good fit for Peter Quill. I really hope Marvel can get the GOTG movie right. The comic book was so well written, it's probably my favourite Marvel title from the last few years

If they are talking about Star Lord - that should be Nathan Fillion

Maybe straight after Firefly that might have worked but have you seen him in Castle lately? Space-faring adventurer is not possible without a major work-out regime.

How about an article about who the GotG are, how they might fit into the MCU etc?

Come on havent u seen Super where he plays religious superhero on some t.v show within the film? Anybody can get in shape in hollywood for a multi million dollar movie? Hate to say it but GotG suck balls in my opinion although i suppose they kinda need to be about for Avengers 2 to work if Thanos is the main bad guy.

Some threat to the galaxy introduces them in their own film, Avengers 2 will have some threat Thanos organises but still isn't directly involved in, then they both team up for Thanos in Avengers 3

As for who they are, buy a comic :)

I know the basics and have my own thoughts as to how Phase 2 & 3 will pan out, was just interested in DoG's.

I think Av2 will feature Masters of Evil and Av3 will be a version of the Infinity Gauntlet story. The background subplot from Thor2 onwards will be Thanos mainpulating events to gain the Infinity Gems (Two of which we have already seen; Cosmic Cube = Space, Loki's Staff = Mind)...

There doesn't seem to be a stand-alone tpb for GotG? I would have to buy a few to really 'get' them.
I am quite tempted to not read anything with them in it so they can be a complete unknown (compared to the other Marvel films where I had already read stories involving them)

DoG wrote that article over the summer, not long after The Avengers came out. Do a search for it.

Could be a good idea to be fair. There was a series a couple of years ago I think, I forget when I've read everything!!

Yeah, he's been having too many lattes with Beckett. He needs to get back in shape, or he'll forever be Captain Tight-pants (and not in a good way)

He looks like Heath don't he. ( illuminati?) we all saw n heard the randy Qaid rant.

Nathan Fillon should be star lord

Aha, thanks.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is rumoured to play ever character in everything. I tend to ignore anything about him these days and just wait to see where he pops up.

I know, right?! I was thinking the EXACT same thing.

"Joseph Gordon-Levitt rumored to play Batman..."
"Joseph Gordon-Levitt rumored to play the next Doctor..."
"Joseph Gordon-Levitt rumored to play God in the apocalypse..."

Does it ever end? Man. I don't get what's so special about him, either. As far as actors, to me he's only "okay".

If I can't have no Charlie-27 in this movie, I'll wait for the home media.

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