The Raid 2 to begin shooting this month

News Ryan Lambie 3 Jan 2013 - 06:33
The Raid

Director Gareth Evans offers an update on his sequel to The Raid, Berandal...

To describe The Raid's brutal violence as refreshing might sound strange, but in a year of lengthy and often soft-focus 12A action adventure movies, Gareth Evans' short, sharp martial arts opus was a true surprise.

Shot in Indonesia for an incredibly low $1 million, The Raid's style and sheer madness made up for the simplicity of its characterisation, and the film immediately became one of our favourites of last year.

We've known for some time that Gareth Evans has been working on a sequel called Berandal (meaning Thugs), a project the director originally planned to make before The Raid, but placed aside when it became clear that The Raid was the less expensive film to make.

Late last year, both Evans and producer Ario Sagantoro spoke of their plans for Berandal, which they said would strike "more of a balance between drama, stronger characters and our style", while providing a much bigger scale than the first film's claustrophobic tower block location.

The film will also be longer - perhaps over two hours - and will take place over a much longer time period; Evans has suggested a scale of around three or four years. There'll also be more villains for returning star Uwais to kick around, played by Tio Pakusadewo, Alex Abbad and Arifin Putra. Indonesian model and actress Julie Estelle playing an ominously-named character called The Hammer Girl.

Most recently, Evans has revealed on Twitter that Berandal will begin shooting on the 19th January, and that its first scene will take place two hours after the conclusion of The Raid. Further, he's hinted that he's "planning a small homage to Versus in Berandal".

We're assuming he's referring to Ryuhei Kitamura's 2000 Japanese zombie action flick Versus, which had a similar sense of blood-splattered fury to The Raid. All signs, then, point to a sequel that is just as intense and ferocious as the original, even if its setting and characters are rather more wide-ranging. That character called The Hammer Girl, mentioned earlier? Here's Evans describing her fighting style:

"Her character has two hammers, she will hit with the hard part, stab you with the claw and pull you back, so technically it’s harimau but a weapon version of it."

We can  hardly wait. More on The Raid 2: Berandal as we get it.

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Sounds promising although the "bigger,better,more" is not always the best way to go imho.

I'm getting flashbacks of ong bak 3 (eyes white, shuddering and farting violently)

I think if it went any bigger, it may become cartoon like. It's pretty big already! I think the tagline should be: Exactly the same as last time, but this time it's a taller building.

I'd definitely go see it if it's more of the same!!

Sequel to the Peach Trees rip off, but no Dredd 2? Unjust sirrah, unjust...

Didn't really rip it off. They were both produced at the same time. Only The Raid was better

There isn't a Dredd 2 script for it to rip off.

Oooooh. Fight! Fight! Fight!

Yes yes yes! The raid is one of the best action films ever made, I cant wait to see more ass kicking action from gareth evans and iko uwais.

The Raid was one of the best films of the year and NOT a Dredd rip-off. Very excited to hear that there's a sequel on the way.

The Dredd script was called Peach Trees and was written before The Raid. At the time everyone was calling it a Die Hard rip off.

Given that The Raid was produced when he couldn't get the funding for Berandal first time around, I'd happily bet my own money that he knows what he's doing.

But it kinda did, seeing as Dredd was in production way ahead of the Raid, and the director freely admits that he read Alex Garland's script

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