TV spot emerges for Monsters University

Trailer Ryan Lambie
2 Jan 2013 - 08:06

Mike and Sulley are back in a new clip from the forthcoming prequel, Monsters University...

The Christmas tree's been fed into a wood chipper, and the baubles have been smashed and swept into a box. But if you're feeling a little gloomy now the glimmer of the festive season's behind us, here's Pixar to cheer us all back up again - for 30 seconds, at least.

Monsters University, of course, is the prequel to 2001's Monsters Inc, and explores the further education of CG odd couple Mike and Sulley. The result is an Animal House-style fraternity comedy with the added appeal of colourful monsters and Pixar's typically creative edge - the TV spot below takes the form of an advert for the Monsters University itself, and even comes with an accompanying website which gives us a tour of the various courses available and so forth.

Monsters University opens on the 12th July.

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