Confirmed: Ricky Gervais for The Muppets sequel

News Ryan Lambie 19 Dec 2012 - 16:03
Ricky Gervais: Fame ain't bad...

Ricky Gervais has confirmed via Twitter that he's to play the human lead in The Muppets sequel...

A few days ago, we brought you the story that Ricky Gervais was in talks to play the human lead in the forthcoming sequel to The Muppets. That particular story was met with some mixed responses, shall we say, which makes us wonder what the response will be to this: over on his Twitter feed, Gervais has confirmed the rumours. 

"I have just signed up to play the lead in the next Muppet Movie," Gervais wrote. "I have the biggest trailer but Kermit will spend some time in my sink."

Gervais, then, will take over from Jason Segel, who did so much to make The Muppets movie the warmly-received hit it was. It's also said, according to Entertainment Weekly, that the sequel will be set in Europe, and will star Ty Burrell as an "Interpol inspector."

More Muppets news as it comes in.

Entertainment Weekly 

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you've got to give him a chance in it but not who I would have liked, just keep him away from the script, please!!

aaand im out!

his stand up = great
anything he "acts" in = god awful imo

I've never been interested in the Muppets before but if Gervais is in it, I might actually consider watching it.

i reckon he'll really rise to it. i imagine he has respect for the muppets. good news i think :)

Hmmmmm. Is it me? Am i getting old? Because I thought the new Muppets film was pretty poor and boring. It had some good bits in it, and it was great to see Kermit and Co again, but I always felt that the muppets worked best as that 70s Tv series, when it would be surreal, strange and incredibly funny as well. And next week there would be more....Manama dooooo de doo do....and so on. But the film? A muppet or a man???? Nooo it was a bit flat. Now they bring in Gervais...if it goes along the lines of him making fun of the muppets, and the muppets making fun of him and pulling pranks on him etc it could be pretty funny if you like Ricky Gervais. If he is just playing a character then I agree with Technogamer. His stand up is priceless, the one he did reading the Bible and slowly pulling it to pieces and pointing out the flaws is still one of the funniest things I have ever seen. But the films he has been in as an actor have not been that good. Apart maybe from that one where he is living in a world where no one lies, and he invents religion....and takes the mick out of it...but thats just because I found the Bible ripping stand up so funny. Oh and the Office...that was priceless. But with the Muppets? I just hope they remember to make it funny this time. The producers and writers should sit down and watch ALL of the 70s tv series, and then they might get it right.

Massive pass. What a shame.

I want to have a cry. A promising franchise has just been killed stone dead.


Agree. Apart from about the standup.

Well that was a fun but short lived Muppet revival. I'll just wait for the next one.

God NO!!!!!!!!!!
He just sucks the life out of everything he's involved in.

Damn, i like the Muppets, but I'd rather avoid Jervais stuff.

Yeah, I was massively disappointed with the Muppets movie. The old show did at times pander to the LCD too though but at it's best it was great at poking fun at it's guests.

It's this aspect that I hope Gervais' involvement might indicate. He isn't the kind of sweet, everyman that Segel was and which that movie required, I can kind of see this as a guest star romp with a bit of bite.

The interpol agent note seems point to a Muppets on the Run movie.

What moron thought that would work. The most pretentious unfunny "comedy" actor on the planet in the Muppets !! Epic Fail !

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