Is this the storyline for the Justice League movie?

News Glen Chapman 14 Dec 2012 - 10:20

Where is Warner Bros taking its Justice League film, due in 2015? We might just have the answer...

Warning: inevitably, there may be spoilers for the Justice League film here, if all of these rumours are true...

After the folks over at Latino Review landed themselves a tasty exclusive with the potential reveal of Darkseid as the antagonist for 2015's Justice League movie, it might now have topped that by uncovering the comic books on which the film will be based.

It would appear, if the rumours are correct, that the film will be based on the 1980 run of Justice League Of America. Specifically, issues 183-185 of the run, which were penned by Gerry Conway.

It featured the teaming up of the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America as they set out to thwart Darkseid's plan of destroying the Earth and moving his planet of Apokolips into its place. Sounds like a reasonable thing to do.

The film is still without a director, but this is apparently the source of inspiration for screenwriter Will Beale, who has been tasked with bringing DC's characters together in an effective way.

More news on Justice League when it's available.

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I have actually read some of this arc and it isn't bad. As they wouldn't bother with the Justice Society, it'll be interesting to see it fleshed out. Particularly good I found to be Wonder Woman's reaction to all the New Gods, considering them to be false compared to the Olympians.

Still think they should save Darkseid for a sequel. But as long as they're not using the new-52 as inspiration, I'll take it.

An evil antagonist who wants to destroy all of mankind and the planet itself seems a little silly to me, even for a comic book adaption. By having such a large threat, it somehow dilutes its importance and wont be taken seriously in the eyes of the audience. I realise the Avengers did that but I was hoping for a bit more realism (not necessarily darkness) with the DC movies, judging by how Batman and Superman is going.

The problem there being that without the 'Marvel style' stand alone Wonder Woman movie establishing the Olympians, her reaction wouldn't have much of an impact. Unless they back story all over the film.

I see what your saying Sinchy but you also have to think - This is the JUSTICE LEAGUE. It has to be such an outragously MASSIVE threat otherwise Superman could handle it all on his own. It's just going to be difficult getting that balance of realism and colossal threat.

So, they are planning Justice League vs Darkseid the same year as Avengers vs Thanos? There is no way they can do that without it seeming like a cheap knockoff. They have to hold Darkseid back for a sequel if they hope to get anywhere.

I was never a huge fan of the "normal" Justice League, but I wouldn't mind if they did a movie based on the "Comedy" justice league that you used to get in the early nineties (with Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Guy Gardner etc). There had some top quality comedy moments, and it would fill a niche that Marvel hasn't already covered

They should leave Batman alone for a few years (let the dust settle on the Dark Knight Rises), make good grounding films on the other characters and bring the justice league together properly. I'm aware this would just be copying Marvel's formula for the Avengers, but given that any Justice League film will be shamelessly compared to the Avengers anyway why not go all out and do it properly. A rushed Justice League film will be, at best, naff.

That being said, I don't want to sit through another Green Lantern film...ever.

Don't like to be cynical but I just can't see how this can be not terrible. The individual character films are, in my opinion, a necessity.

DC/Warner Brothers, the home of enormous penis envy.

Agreed. Starting with Darkseid is going to make it difficult to sell Justice League 2 when they've already used their most powerful villain. I think The White Martians would be a better way to start things off. They're a big enough threat that Superman wouldn't be able to face them off alone and it's an easy way to introduce The Martian Manhunter.

Yeah, White Martians would be a great way to start. They're a fomidable enough threat without overshadowing the Justice League themselves, which really do have to remain the focus of this first film.
Nice username, BTW. Fables is a scarily good comic. :)

I'm just hoping Superman gets a World of Cardboard Speech.

Honestly, this is going to be stupid, the only way to make this right, if they need to make a JLA movie first is to make it into a Trilogy. Maybe even start the first movie off with all the JLA getting their ass' kicked and just beaten down..than flash back to how they got there, how they JLA was formed.. taking up a whole movie. 2nd movie will be how they got to where they are at the start of the 1st, and than end it off with the 3rd movie on how they come back and beat Darkseid...

DC and Warners are gonna screw this up royally

Without Timm, Geffen or DeMaties involved in some way, I don't think a Justice League movie can be made.

This is definitely the way to go. The drama never worked without some underlying comedy lamp-shading some of the absurdity of the whole enterprise. Blue Beetle (I believe) was the one who said how ridiculous it was to go around saving the world in their underwear. Yet when the job needed to be done, they bickered, squabbled and occasionally heroically rose to the challenge. THAT is Justice League. The 'lighter' characters like the Flash butting heads with the heavies like Batman. If THEY don't call out some of the silliness, the audience will...and that's never good.

I hate to say it but...Starro. Yes it's a bit over the top but a JLA movie where comedy was part of the mix could pull it off.

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