Pacific Rim: first full trailer

Trailer Ryan Lambie 13 Dec 2012 - 00:11

We've seen the viral ads and the posters, but finally, we have the first full trailer for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim...

It's already been a busy few days for trailers, as various studios begin to ramp up their hype assaults for next year's major releases. Pacific Rim, the giant monster movie directed by Guillermo del Toro, is undoubtedly one of our most anticipated - and that's really saying something, given that the 2013 schedule will see the likes of Man Of Steel, Star Trek Into Darkness and Iron Man 3 appear on our cinema screens.

Now, after several weeks of teaser posters and viral ads featuring the distant rumblings of giant monsters, here's the first full trailer for Pacific Rim. Charilie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi, Idris Elba and Ron Perlman head up an international cast in a tale of giant robots versus equally humongous aliens. Expect a full trailer breakdown soon.

Pacific Rim opens on the 12th July 2013 in the UK.

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Its del toro so i will give it the benefit of the doubt but it looks an awful lot like a godzilla movie or Cloverfield. As a result I am uncertain really either way!

Meh. Technically very impressive, but doesn't do much for me. Although I think the presence of a certain Mr Elba will make me go see it

did I hear glados ?

Looks like a more serious power rangers

THAT, Mr. Snyder, is a bloody trailer!

Wow! Godzilla meets Battleship meets Transformers meets Independence Day. Next!

just watching it again, for then tenth time. You watching this Micheal Bay? THAT is how you do robots!!

Idris Elba, F**** YEAH!

coming again to save the muthaf**kin day yeah

Nice to hear another set of British actors doing US accents in order to play leads.

Glados and Stringer and Giant robots? I'm in! :)

Inception has a lot to answer for, that bloody horn!

I am a big nexus fan, but this seems a lot like Evangelion but with far Duller Mech designs and less interesting monsters. Transformers has a lot to answer for for popularising scrap metal style, undistinguishable robots!

Gawd, will someone stop the trailermakers from using that bloody 'BWAAAAM' motiff for implied dramatic impact and try something original. It's becoming as stale and cliched as that gruff bassy voice that Bill Mitchell used to do ("Thieves are silent...Sssssss"). Also, I hope the Producers of this film didn't forget about script and character on their way to all the CGI.


Mmm, the robots and the creatures does look a tad ropey but it is nicely designed. I don't want to think that Del Toro didn't wish to make this and was forced by the studio to do so. I really, REALLY want to see In the Mountains of Madness.

Destroy All Monsters meets Jet Jaguar. Cool

reminds me of Inhumanoids! cult 80s cartoon in which monsters rise from the depths of the planet and the humans don metal suits to fight them...although i'm sure in Pacific Rim we wont see talking trees and 'rock lords' (mores the shame!)

There is NOTHING about it that doesnt get my geek up and excited for July. Giant Kaiju monsters? Check. Giant battling robot weapon systems? Check. Hot asian chick? Check. Del Torro directing again? Check. So what if it borrows from different sources! Dont most original movie concepts have their roots in other places? Del Torro is a visionary and master of the craft and we should all be beyond excited for this. Lets hope it lives up to what amaze-balls stuff weve seen so far! Im already there in the queue!

Iron Giant then, yeah?

Definitely heard GLADoS there

On the surface of it, Robot Jox vs Godzilla with smatterings of Indendence Day, Battleship & Transformers with just a pinch of Avatar - A blend of rubbish, averageness and overly/needlessly complicated bollocks. Looks good though.

Hate to say it...but, I can't get Power Rangers out of my head. I hate myself for it...but that's all I see. Especially as the trailer seemed light on anything remotely like an actual human character. All I could think of was ... "Wow, this is what Power Rangers looks like with a massive budget"

Biggest MEH

Looks great, but that fog-horn noise is a wee bit irritating isn't it?

"So, he said to me..." WAOORRRR
"Um. What the heck was..." WAAAAOORRRR
"SHUT UP!" ... Waaoo... "I said, shut it!"

Idris Elba doing Henry V/President in Independence Day rousing battle speech?!? Ah well, I always liked a bit of ham with my cheese! I just wished Del Toro had got to do At The Mountains of Madness instead of dishing up some Lovecraft lite...

I'm rooting for the monsters

well thats divided opinion, but for me it looks good
In GDT we trust - one of the few decent directors out there - hell if it was McG or Bay I would pass but GDT im there!

Um... am I allowed to be completely underwhelmed? If I didn't know Del Toro was involved, I would have called that a dodgy-looking rip-off of Independence Day & Transformers. Please, please let it be better than that.

Holy flippin' macaroni! Awesome trailer, Idris is the man. Makes me think someday they'll get around to making the Shogun Warriors movie! :-)

Looks like a great popcorn movie but these days I crave something more deep, more interesting and dramatic. Does Hollywood really think that putting a speech that is supposed to inspire the underdogs into all its movies will make it seem dramatic? That hasnt worked since Braveheart.

Maybe Im getting old but SFX just doesnt get me excited any more.

Could someone pass me the tissues please, just off to the toilet, shouldnt be too long......

That was pretty amazing! Monsters may not be as exotic as I had hoped, but the whole thing is filmed with a very good eye for the movie experience-I really like that opening shot! Lets have a little faith folks, I'm sure the two main characters will prove to be worth watching!

Its in 3D, oh dear.

Dear Messrs Emmerich and Bay,
If your chips taste funny in 2013 it's because Guillermo Del Toro has p*ssed on them.

Wow, a big budget Robot Jox.

Can't believe this is a Guillermo del Toro film. It looks like a Michael Bay flick.

I have been waiting to see what the deal was with this seeing as it is being talked about a lot.


It looks (like most people here are saying) incredibly underwhelming. My thoughts are that it looks like Power Rangers meets Godzilla meets Real Steal.

Great Googa Mooga! Hot Damn!

oh i dont know about this now :/

Yeah I am beginning to wonder if the USA has a drought of leading actors all of a sudden, especially on telly.

Glados is the only thing making me want to see this. The sad thing is, I will go and see it just to see if she releases any deadly neurotoxin...

Yep, they used the same voice actress and the same voice simulator so it would sound exactly like Glados.

very similar to Neon Genesis Evangelion


Reminds me of Jon Haldeman's Soldierboys

That must suck. Me, enjoyed the heck out of that trailer and couldn't be more pumped to go see it.

...meets me at the cinema!

Your indifference has been noted. Thanks.

Well to be fair, we have had enough of our actors pretending to be British, so it all evens out :p

Anyways, this is gonna be a fun movie to watch. I never paid attention to this movie until today when I found out 3 things:

1. Guillermo Del Toro directs it. +++

2. GLADos voices in it. +++ cus Portal 2 was awesome!

3. Jax from Sons of Anarchy is in it, and he narrates a's as if he's still wearing the patch :p

I love Power Rangers.

this looks suspiciously like it borrows from evangelion.
I hope if and when they make a live action evangelion movie it looks better than this

Oooo I didn't like the horn! Or that shade of blue they had in there. I also don't like police cars. Or children. Power Rangers had big things in it so he's covering old ground there, and 2 minutes of trailer let's me know all I need to know - It's a DISASTER already!!

Or as someone with less sand up their va jay jay might say - looks fantastic! Can't wait to see how it turns out, if he nails it (and he is a DON) then it'll be well fun!!

One day. The horror of Dick Van Dyke and Johnny Depp will be erased.

Until then we 'will' prevail.

Robot jox vs monsters!!! I'm up for that, they didn't have to tell me the plot tho in the trailer.

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