Man Of Steel: new full trailer

Trailer Ryan Lambie 11 Dec 2012 - 17:13

It's here, and it's full of shiny new footage. It's a full trailer for Man Of Steel...

After months of teasing trailers, images and posters, this full trailer for Man Of Steel is almost too much to take in. There are explosions, Superman on fire, submerged public transport vehicles, what appear to be alien craft - it's all rather extraordinary, but we'll let you discover the best bits for yourselves.

How Zack Snyder's take on Superman will compare with previous efforts remains to be seen, but for now, it has to be said that what we've seen so far is rather exciting. We'll be back with a more detailed analysis of the trailer's events in due course, but in the meantime, we'll leave you with the full, two-and-a-half minute trailer. Hurrah.

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First..and yes i know not enough zod action...BUT STILL..AWESOME..SHIPS AND ALL

You know what, I think they might have just nailed it. The tone, the score, the feel of the trailer really impressed me - the scene of Superman in chains led away by soldiers actually sent a shiver down my spine!

Sometime a trailer is completely the opposite of how a movie turns out, but I dont think so in this case. Fingers crossed....!

I never doubted this film for a second.

Everything so far is making this look like the best Superman film ever...

... since Superman 2!

Good trailer. I suspect this might be far better than the slated JLA film that they've ridiculously decided to make without Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash etc having individual films. Also great to see a blockbuster film trailer free of the Inception horn! That got old REALLY fast.

I think my faith in trailers took a serious knock with how Prometheus turned out so I'll remain cautiously optimistic here.
I still like the Comic-con one better, though. Grainy footage and everything...

Does anyone else think this looks a bit too grey/grim for Superman? I like the realistic/gritty tone for Batman, but blue tights and a red cape don't seem to fit quite as easily into that world as Bats does.
Still quite excited for this, though.

Moody. Not too keen on the Clannad-ish thing. I hope Superman actually has time for some everyday heroics and not just the 'saving the world' type.

now im excited

I think this looks VERY promising. The score especially is really good, it immediatly reminded me of Gladiator, and that vibe stuck with me throughout the trailer. Promising indeed, 'cause let's face it, there aren't many movie characters more manly or awesome than Maximus Decimus Meridius (who also happens to be in this movie, yay!)

I am now officialy psyched :D

nope, problem with superman its too cheesey, even for a super hero! He was fine in the era he came from but now hes dated.
Its the perfect fit in an age where humans are paranoid of terror and economic collapse (the dark and grim) and the hope we all have we will survive such attacks and crises (the light - which in this case will be portrayed by superman)
This film could be the perfect metaphor of whats happening in the world today

why do i feel so much apprehension about this movie?

Can. Not. Wait.

Awesome! Looks great.

looking forward to this big time. cant wait

I don't think it's dark and gritty, I think it's just more emotionally connected to the characters.

I tend to dislike Supes, but this actually looks good.

as far as I'm concered, this is another Superman Returns, but with Routh replaced by some other guy. not that excited. did they ever consider...NOT making any more of these movies?

Nice that the trailer's focusing on the actual hero instead of the villains for a change. This does look really good though.

Here's hoping there is actually some action in this film because let's face it, not a lot happened in the last one and I'd rather not be bored to death a second time

I know....I just cant get excited either. It looks ok, but it also looks like its going to be bogged down in angst for the first hour at least. And I find that I just dont really care. Because Superman is Superman, he can do anything, go anywhere, cant be killed very easily, its all a bit dull. I never was much of a fan, and its been all done before. It comes down to this. The new Superman film has been made, because Batman was a massive hit, Avengers was a massive hit, Iron Man was a massive hit etc etc. So its being made because everyone is into superhero films at the moment. It might be really good, and a great film like Batman Begins / Dark Knight or Avengers. Or it might be dull, or it might be boring, or it might be just another Superman origin story again , again. If it gets a great review and everyone raves about it, I will watch it on Bluray. After all the hype about Skyfall, that turned out to be the most BORING Bond film I have ever seen, I am not going to trust the reviews that much. Thing is, Avengers was pretty good, but did it really deserve all the epic hype and praise? To me it was just another great summer blockbuster film, but thinking back on it, I cant remember much about the plot now.

You'll never actually get the moon on a stick, pal.

I think should anyone in the cinema make the even slightest noise during the showing of this; then I will come down upon them with such a terrible and biblical pestilence that not even the JLA would be able to save them.

I actually got shivers watching that, shivers! Ridiculous!

how is it exciting

superman is not cheesy

A Superman movie that looks intersting...

Superman has been trying to get back into the movie world way before any DC or Marvel characters have. It has been bogged down by court cases concerning the creators families and DC over who has the rights for the character.

If Skyfall was boring to you, then you are not a fan of storytelling or plot. Skyfall has one of the best plots for a spy movie. I will admit the ending was a bit of a let down for action, but that is typical of a Sam Mendez movie.

I'll agree with you on the superhero movie seems to be the in thing at the moment, which is a bit dull. Let's get more original movies and different genres.

On the 1st hour of Man Of Steel, I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere that it isn't going to be a brand new origin, and that it was going to be told in Flashback through the movie, which would be a lot better. This whole, take an hour to show you how he became the hero is really getting depressing.

On multiple viewings, what I get out of the trailer is that Supes is a ray of hope in a grim world. That spark of optimism.


To the next ignorant poster who drawls the cliche 'Superman iz too powrfool an' boring... cuz... er, someone posted that, must be true! DERP!' let me ask you if you said the same thing when you saw Thor, who's far less 'human' than Superman and in fact an actual God.

Not enough wrasslin with polar bears and no giant f***ing spider. Boo, hiss.


The trailer for Indy4 made it look like everything a new Indy film should be... and then I saw the movie. I want to have a nerdgasim, I really do, but I can't help but keep thinking that this guy's last film was Sucker Punch...

I am one of the few that like Superman Returns, but if this trailer is anything to go bu then Man of Steel is going to knock Superman Returns out of the ball park!

I love Superman..this and all the others will be FUN to watch..guys susspend your reality for a while, you might actually enjoy going to the cinema..if not, just stay at home and stop watching trailers of films you don't actually care about !

excellent :D

They're going to nail this. I cannot believe it. The Captain America film shows that even heroes thought of as old fashioned can prosper in the right vehicle, this looks very promising so far.

Serial misery guts strikes again

The song is by the same women who sang on the Gladiator soundtrack. Lisa Gerrard. Elergy.

Well, if Chris Reeve was alive he'd have little to worry about. Cavill does not a good Superman make. Maybe the acting will bring the character alive, but as the look of the character is an important part of the mystique of this hero, you gotta get it right. Sub Dean Cain and Brandon Routh looked closer to it.

Why do they refuse to have any original music in these trailors?


'Because Superman is Superman, he can do anything, go anywhere, cant be killed very easily, its all a bit dull.'

I take it you've never even read any info on this movie, let alone a single Superman comic, in your entire life. Too damn proud to maybe investigate whether these myths you're spamming might be false?

You know, you could say the same things about Iron Man. Or Thor. Or the Hulk. And you know you'd be lying because they all get matched up against opponents with similar or superior powers or technology, which is what gives them a challenge.

Here Superman is going to be fighting a Kryptonian general and his army, all of whom have the same powers as him. Pray what makes you think 'he can do anything, can't be killed very easily?'

More of the same ignorant 'Superman droolz, becuz I said this I am kewlz!' internet spam that people are compelled to propagate like the common cold?

I was just reading through all these positive comments thinking - 'Am I the only one left cold by this?' I want the same level of silly excitement as when Hulk caught Iron Man on the Avengers trailer. Light, ott and fun not grim and emo.

This trailer does make the film look amazing, but i still have to say that I do prefer the Marvel comics over DC, in particular with relation to Superman is that he is a too powerful a character, only having the vulnerability to kryptonite and magic kind of limits what you can do in terms of the wow factor or "how's he going to get out of this one?!" kind of idea.

Although i do believe that this will be a very dramatic and entertaining film and don't get me wrong i do still enjoy the DC comic adaptations (The Dark Knight Saga included) my preference still lies with Marvel

I love that first shot of him walking across the ice with cape billowing and then in silhouette with the landscape and then the build up to launching himself into the sky. Can't wait to see that in full.

Snyder has come good on the visual element now I await the story.

It does run the risk of taking all the joy out of something that started life as children's entertainment. Taking Snyder's recent forays into account (Sucker Punch and Watchmen) they were hardly filled with humour though they had some nice moments.

I think Warner Brothers have had more to do with the tone though by setting out their stall to offer an alternative to the Marvel movies. So for those who thought Avengers was too lightweight they will most likely be singing the praises of the WB efforts. Even so, whilst I'm not a big fan of the direction their taking I'll still be in the cinema to see the damn thing so WB will get my money whether I like it or not.

you'd think, with all the millions at their disposal, movie makers would by now be able to make a false beard look not like a false beard...?

Hey, I like plot. I just thought the plot for Skyfall was better when they called it the Bourne trilogy....

That makes sense....good call on that.

Well, if it helps....the story for the film is by Nolan and Goyer, with Goyer on screenplay duty and Nolan as producer and supervisor. In the case of SP, that was Snyder's story. I'm not ready to throw Snyder under the bus because of SP, and besides, Nolan picked him to direct TMOS. So Nolan must've figured out that Snyder was right for this.

C'mon, man--could you at least WATCH the bloody film before laying the judgement down?

"did they ever consider...NOT making any more of these movies?"

(Shakes head in disbelief)

No problem with your least you're willing to check the movie out. And I'm sure they'll deal with the "is Supes to powerful?" meme, the same way Byrne did when he re-booted the character in the 1980s.

after ridding Batman of all that a comic book character is, to the point of being ashamed to even call it Batman, the sad pathetic Nolan trend infects the otherwise interesting Zack Snyder, and we have now this grim gray colorless "adult" (so pathetic...) version of Superman:Man of Steel. Good thing Marvel still gets the adventure the colors the romanticism that Super Heroes are all about.

Cant he just like fight a polar bear or something

Thor was awful.

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