M Night Shyamalan's After Earth: first Trailer

Trailer Ryan Lambie 10 Dec 2012 - 17:25

The first trailer for M Night Shyamalan's sci-fi After Earth, starring Will Smith, has arrived. You can take a look within...

Either critically or financially, M Night Shyamalan hasn't had much success with his last few pictures, but we've real hope that After Earth will mark a return to form for the director. A sci-fi outing written by Gary Whitta and Stephen Gaghan, it's one of several genre movies we're very much looking forward to next year.

Will and Jaden Smith play a father and son stranded on a post-cataclysmic Earth, which is now an Avatar-like jungle of angry animals and weird fauna. "Everything on this planet has evolved to kill humans" Will Smith tells us, as Jaden swoops around in a rather cool flying squirrel suit. It certainly looks like a tonal and visual departure for Shyamalan, and we're looking forward to see a movie where he concentrates on directing while somebody else writes.

After Earth opens on the 7th June 2013 in the UK.

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Looks like a cross between Avatar, Predators and Planet of the Apes

The horror, the horror.

looks good buts what with will smiths accent

Aw HELL naw!

Its Harry Harrison's Deathworld. The creatures hate humans because they pick up the vibes from the cataclysm. Once Will stops talking about fear and hate and base instincts, and learns to pat the sabre-tooth tiger on the head rather than chucking spears at it, the twist is that Earth will come to their aid rather than attack.

There, saved you £8.

Return to form? Can you really call it form if you've made one good film?

1. They're all dead
2. None of it is real
3. The wind did it
4. all of the above

They're my guesses on the ending

Hip hip...

Looks quite good, but so does every trailer of a M. Night Shyamalan film.

oh god this looks freaking awful

also...why is big willie talking with an accent?

well that was boring, Come on Will make Wild Wild West 2 or Hitch 2 ( they can call it Hitched , it writes it self ) like we all want !

As much as I like Will Smith he tends to do the same thing in every movie,,,play Will Smith funny or play Will Smith serious, I would think his accent is a way for him to stretch his acting skills, and why not? Good for him. Film looks...okay---ish....

Looks like more preachy nonsense about how bad Humans are and nature will have it's revenge. Thanks M.Knight, I didn't know the world could be a bad place until you made films explaining that...

Jr. Smith is trying his hand at acting again. He needs to be a rapper first - didn't his dad teach him anything???

sounds like Timothy Treadwell's anthropomorphic wet dream.

5. "Ermegerd.. it was earth all along!"

why do people keep giving this guy money ot make films

When is Will Smith going to stop shoving his kids down our throats? Jeez... Give some other talented kids a chance to be millionaires. His already are...

You folks are real sad. This movie looks exciting and promising. Like MIB 3, I think people were let down by the critics on that one coz the film was actually really good. But people listen to these so called folks who know very little bout sci-fi and fantasy but opine heavily against genre movies and y'all listen to that stuff and then begin bad mouthing a movie you haven't seen yet. Affleck has managed to come good again and so can Smith and Shyamalan. Give them a chance, why don't you?


All poking at M and the Smiths aside, this could be fun. If they can turn out another good trailer that hooks me a little more, I may catch this in the cinema.

Other than "they've crashed on Earth and Smith Jr. is running away from animals", I'm not sure what the point of it is yet though.

If I were Wil Smith you better dam well be prepared for me shoving my kids down your throats, but only if they wish it. If my child wished to hang in the shadows of fame I'd honor it, but as a father I wish my children to have more success than I have. I kind of think that is the basis of being a parent, just my two cents.

Wild Wild West 2

Nobody wants this.

Reminds me of that news story about the monkey in a sheepskin going shopping to Ikea in Canada.

It looks very very bad.

WHAT? Wild Wild West is awesome lol!

This is Earth... with a twist!

I really think you have something there, especially considering Smiths character is the appallingly named "Cypher Raige"

I was quite un-impressed with the trailer, thought it was clichéd and un-imaginitive. Thats not to say it wont be a good movie, I just think the trailer needs something a bit more inspiring.

Also, clearly the twist, if there is one, has nothing to do with it being Earth as the official website (if you can call a re-directed Facebook page official) states clearly it was a planet inhabited by humans. As M.Night didn't write it, it may not even have a twist (although I do love a good twist!)

No "Welcome to Earf" puns? Well, there you go.

I agree with you, but with one caveat - there might actually be a germ of a decent film in the escapades of that intrepid sheepskin sporting simian

"This is laaaf.... or death"

It is actually set....before earth.


M Night Shyamalan, Will Smith, Jaden Smith: Three very compelling reasons to give this one a miss.

I've liked all Shymalamamaman's films to date (yes, I'm the one), and loved a fair share, and while this looks good, this involvement of Messrs Smith and Smith concerns me.

Same reason people keep giving Peter Jackson money to make films, despite the fact he hasn't made a good film since Return of the King.

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