Japanese Star Trek Into Darkness trailer: extra footage

Trailer Ryan Lambie 6 Dec 2012 - 09:43

If you're still after an extra snippet of Star Trek Into Darkness, the Japanese trailer offers an extra, positively revealing shot...

So, the first teasing trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness has arrived, and very dramatic it looks too. But if you're still anxious to see a little more of what JJ Abrams has in store for us next year, the Japanese trailer offers up an extra snippet of footage, which will immediately recall a particularly moving moment in Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan.

We won't spoil things by saying any more, but we have to say, adding in an extra shot in the Japanese trailer's a cunning marketing move - whether you're impressed by what you've seen of Into Darkness so far or not, it's likely we'll be talking about the trailer for some time to come.


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Everything is Inception, Dark knight and Prometheus these days!

I am and always shall be...your friend

Didn't see a lot of Spock in the trailers to say the least. Maybe if this does happen like it does in Wrath of Khan it happens early!

A lot these trailers do feel very similar with the villain narrating over the trailer. Loki's 'you were made to be ruled' from The Avengers and The Mandarin's 'I consider myself a teacher' from Iron Man 3 have done the same, with arguably The Dark Knight being the original - with the Joker being heavily quoted in the first trailer. It's interesting that villains are used to sell the movies as much as the heroes are.


He's not Khan for god's sake! lol so many Khan fan bois wishing too hard, If for some reason they do make him khan i'll be angry

I think that spoiler is subterfuge after all JJ Abrams has score.

Looks more like a first person perspective from the sleeping compartment on Botany Bay, than the engineering section from ST2WOK

Offing Spock again is a bad enough idea, but doing it the same way Wrath did is just awful. There's a difference between Homage and Theft.
If they do this, they might as well change the name to "Star Trek Out Of Ideas"

it looks like spoke is the one on the other side of the glass and 'sherlock' is the one closest to the cam. i hav a feeling 'sherlock' is vulcan, does he look like he has pointy ears in one of the shots in the trailer?


umm watch the film and confirm your 'theory' before slagging it off eh?

What theory? What slagging? I was simply pointing out how asinine it would be to reheat one of the most loved scenes in Star Trek.
Especially, when the entire point of the Abrams films is to break away from the old and try new things. :)

If this is "Wrath of Khan" and that's Spock's death scene, it would explain why Quinto said he wasn't sure if he'd be back for the third movie. (The actors all signed a three-movie deal, so it's unlikely that he was referring to a contract issue.)


This looks absolutely terrible. From the awful Nolan referencing movie poster to the awful, awful name "Into Darkness", Abrams has gone and made the new Star Trek film look like the sub par, uninspired offspring of the Wachowskis and recent Marvel films. Please, leave the franchise, kill this film franchise and make a great television series. I don't think Star Trek works as in the motion picture medium anyway.

is Cumberbach wearing a starfleet uniform??? @0 dont think he's playing a Vulcan unless they said "alright sherlock, your ears are pointy enough already, leave the prosthesis..."

Yeah! And if 'they' copy an idea from Gorillas In The Mist, they might as well change the name to "Star Trek Copying Gorillas In The Mist". Abrams is so dumb to copy gorilla films, or Greystoke even.


The last ten words of your final sentence are apparently redundant.

Never gonna happen. Remember JJ re set the timeline with his first Star Trek. I wouldn't be surprised if some plot details in future films hint at old episodes and movies but then veer off in a completely different direction.

Don't slate or praise a film just on the strength of a trailer. Trailers can be cut and edited to sell the film as practically anything. Don't believe me? Have a look on YouTube for recut trailers. There's things like Mary Poppins as a horror film or The Shining as a romantic comedy.

I was totally on the Gary Mitchell boat until the anything for your family line.

Is that Benedict Cumberbatch talking over the trailer? I thought it was Patrick Stewart at first lol I thought whaaaaat the faaaaack?!

I'm a massive fan of Star Trek....but where the hell is the star trekking in this? It just looks like the Avengers all over again...

It's a pretty similar jacket though to Khans...

It's IS Khan....

..or Gary Mitchell....or an evil Gary Seven ?

"I have returned....". Meaning he was away....meaning he's from earth....villainous....gotta be Khan

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