Guillermo del Toro's next film revealed

News Ryan Lambie
4 Dec 2012 - 07:20
Guillermo Del Toro - currently a happy man.

After Pacific Rim, director Guillermo del Toro will be heading up a horror movie called Crimson Peak...

By the time Pacific Rim comes out next summer, there will have been a five year gap between that film and Guillermo del Toro's last project as director, Hellboy II: The Golden Army. In that period, del Toro was once attached to direct The Hobbit for Peter Jackson, and intended to helm an adaptation of the HP Lovecraft story At The Mountains Of Madness, but both of those plans, for their own reasons, fell apart.

If there's any justice in the filmmaking world, del Toro will be able to get onto directing another, post-Rim project without quite so many problems - and right now, the project he has lined up next is something called Crimson Peak. Del Toro describes the film as a "classical but at the same time modern take on the ghost story", which he says is inspired by his love of genre movies such as  The Haunting (the Robert Wise one, not the tepid remake), The Exorcist and The Shining.

He's spoken of those movies' extensive use of sets, which he plans to bring to Crimson Peak. Presumably, he's looking for a marked change of pace after shooting the complex, Pacific Rim, with its multiple locations and costly special effects.

Crimson Peak will be del Toro's next movie for Legendary Pictures, with whom he produced Pacific Rim; this could be taken as a good sign, since both the studio and director are clearly happy with their working relationship on that potentially difficult giant monster movie. "[Pacific Rim] was the best experience I have ever had making a movie, period," del Toro said. "I had a really good working relationship with [Legendary]".

As for At The Mountains Of Madness, a project sadly turned down by Universal, it's just possible that, if Pacific Rim's a success, del Toro may get to the funding to make the movie at some point in the future - though it's likely that'll be several years away now. Next, del Toro will be rewriting Crimson Peak's script with screenwriter Lucinda Croxon, with production roughly scheduled to commence in 2014.

More news on Crimson Peak and del Toro's other work as we get it.


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