Pacific Rim: two more robot pictures emerge

News Ryan Lambie
30 Nov 2012 - 06:08

The Pacific Rim marketing campaign continues in earnest, as two more robot images appear online...

After months of silence, interesting things are beginning to emerge from Guillermo del Toro's grotto. We've already been treated to weird 30-second blasts of colour bands and bleeping, a faxed document with some names on it, and most compellingly, a mock news report about big monsters flattening San Francisco.

And with Pacific Rim's promoters clearly preparing us for the first trailer (due to debut ahead of The Hobbit in mid-December), here are two new blueprint-style images of the giant robots (or Jaegers), which will do battle with the film's large monsters. One looks like a long-legged Gundam type of affair, complete with what we're presuming are cannons mounted on the back.

The other's apparently Russian in origin and a bit more leftfield; its head looks like Paddington Bear with his hat on backwards, or something Richard Dreyfuss might fashion from mashed potato.

Pacific Rim will arrive in UK cinemas next summer. Until then, we'll bring you more news of giant robots and their weird helmets as we get it.

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