Charlize Theron in Sympathy For Lady Vengeance remake

News Glen Chapman 29 Nov 2012 - 07:19

Another of Park Chan Wook's vengeance trilogy is set for the western remake treatment, this time with Charlize Theron on board...

With one part of Park Chan Wook's vengeance trilogy already receiving the western remake treatment, courtesy of Spike Lee's take on Old Boy, it would now appear that sights are being set on Sympathy For Lady Vengeance too. News has broken that Charlize Theron attached to the leading role in the US take on the movie. William Monahan (The Departed and London Boulevard) is handling the adaptation according to the press release, although it's unclear if he'll act as a writer only or writer/director.

The film itself follows a woman who leaves prison after completing a sentence for a murder she didn't commit, to seek revenge against the killer and avenge the dead.

Appreciating that the default reaction to remakes for many is far from positive, particularly western remakes of foreign language films, there's still an argument here (and it's not unique to this film) that the calibre of those involved should help alleviate some of the scepticism. Both Theron and Monahan are Oscar winners, and both have outstanding pieces of work in their filmography.

More on the film when we find it out.


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I like Charlize Theron, so if it happened, I'd give it a punt.

Isn't it just called Lady Vengeance? My DVD box definitely says so. The first one was Sympathy For Mr Vengeance. Or was LV titled differently in cinemas?

The actual title is Sympathy For Lady Vengeance but in North America and parts of Europe it was titled Lady Vengeance.

Can't believe I'm saying this, but I can actually see how a Lady Vengeance remake would work. Certainly a lot more than Old Boy anyways...

So I loved Old Boy, right? Then sought out Sympathy for Mr Vengeance and was so terribly, terribly bored that I never saw Lady Vengeance. Is it worth a watch?

Its subjective of course, but I loved Old Boy, thought Mr Vengeance was interesting though dull and Lady Vengeance I had to stop watching because I found it really boring (though it looks very cool, what with cinematography and the baroque scores).

it isn't just a default hatred for remakes at play here. Take Oldboy. Maybe the most disturbing film I have ever seen. We know Hollywood will knock off the edges to give us a pg 13. Hell, we can't even remake american films with any edge in this much more PC time.

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