New writers, director for Flight Of The Navigator remake

News Simon Brew 28 Nov 2012 - 07:50
Flight Of The Navigator

The Flight Of The Navigator remake has the Safety Not Guaranteed team on board...

With Safety Not Guaranteed due in UK cinemas next month, director Colin Trevorrow is likely to be busy on press duties in the immediate future for his impressive debut feature. Half of the time, presumably, he’ll end up fielding questions about Star Wars (with which he was heavily linked), and he may now be expecting one or two about the upcoming remake of Flight Of The Navigator.

It’s been revealed by Variety that Trevorrow has signed up to write the screenplay for the new film, along with Derek Connolly. And it’s also looking like a strong possibility that Trevorrow is in pole position to direct it, as well. He’s reportedly a big fan of the original movie.

There’s no formal timescale that we know of for the film, but it’s likely that Disney will want to get it moving in one shape or another next year. The remake has been on the cards for three years and counting so far…


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Needs a sequel, not a reboot/remake.

I agree with Gareth, this film doesn't need a remake. I would rather see a remake of The Black Hole, which I think had a lot of good ideas that could be better realised with the technology that is available now.

I don't understand the point in remaking already GOOD films (aside from money for studios).

Can they not do a bit of homework and see films that had potential, but did not do so well, and then remake them, but better?

Because as it is, all they are doing is remaking all ready good films, and making them worse.

Needs neither a sequel or a reboot/remake. It's a decent film. It holds up. It concludes the story. Do something else, guys.

FOTN was and is a fab film....the effects for its day were great. It's a film with a heart and a lot of remakes lose that.

Okay this needs to stop! seriously get some original ideas and stop remaking classics! i grew up with this film and it was awesome! leave it alone....and the Mummy!

Please, someone, make this stop!! FOTN is an awesome film; I actually showed it to a friend who'd never seen only a few weeks ago and it definitely still stands up - it's a lovely, warm, funny family movie so why remake?

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