Corey Feldman confirms the death of The Lost Boys

News Glen Chapman
28 Nov 2012 - 08:26
The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys 4 won't be happening, as Corey Feldman confirms the end of the series...

Now, appreciating that for many of us the death of The Lost Boys franchise was immediately after the original film was released, this recent statement by Corey Feldman nonetheless all but confirms that the possibility of any future films happening is not high.

He said that “People love it. People want to see more of it. Jamison Newlander and I are always down to get back into bed. But that being said, it's Warner Bros. that drives that boat. It is a Warner Bros film, it's a Warner Bros franchise. Without Warner Bros behind it, there are no more Frog Brothers. The Bros. Warner needs to get back into bed with the Bros. Frog. Then we can have a great big movie orgy. Until then we are left as homeless Frogs.”

This ties into the fact that Warner Bros has shut down the Warner Premiere arm of its business, that was making direct-to-DVD sequels to some of its older franchises.

Appreciating that the sequels have hardly made much of an impact at all critically speaking, with both currently holding a 0 rating on Rotten Tomatoes, they both however more than made their budgets back. That's more to do with the appeal of the original, of course, than the sequels themselves. But it seems as though there will be no more Lost Boys now. Until someone announces a remake/reboot...


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