Watch Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins' short film Jimmy's End here

News Ryan Lambie
27 Nov 2012 - 07:57

Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins have posted their latest short film online. You can watch the dark, eerie Jimmy's End here...

Alan Moore, of course, is the writer behind such acclaimed graphic novels as Watchmen, V For Vendetta and From Hell. Having kept himself well removed from the adaptations of those comics, Moore's recent collaborations with photographer Mitch Jenkins mark his first foray into filmmaking.

Act Of Faith, released online earlier this year, was the first in a planned series of short films about Northampton, Moore's home town. Actually, Act Of Faith served as a primer for Jimmy's End, a darkly symbolic film that takes place in a gloomy Northampton club.

Jenkins' experience as a photographer is evident throughout both films, with their precise framing and expert use of colour, light and shade. That light and shade dovetails perfectly with Moore's story, which has a decidedly Lynchian atmosphere to it.

Darrell D'Silva, Siobhan Hewlett and Robert Goodman play their roles with charisma, and the films' performances and imagery really stick in the mind long after the credits have rolled. You can find both films posted below these very words - note that they do contain some disturbing scenes, several of which are decidedly NSFW.

That said, they're hypnotic, uncompromising and beautifully made films, and they deserve to find a wide audience. We're intrigued to see what Moore and Jenkins have in store for us next.

Jimmy's End

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