Does this video give us a first look at a Pacific Rim robot?

News Ryan Lambie 22 Nov 2012 - 11:16

A promo video for Guillermo del Toro's production company appears to provide us with a brief glimpse of the forthcoming Pacific Rim...

We're rather excited about Guillermo del Toro's forthcoming kaiju movie, Pacific Rim - so much so that, without having seen a shred of footage from it, we still put it high up on our top 25 must-see films of 2013.

It's possible, though, that a new video clip may give us the first glimpse of Pacific Rim and its giant robots, called Jaegers. The video is designed to promote Guillermo del Toro's production house Mirada, which he co-founded with his cinematographer colleague Guillermo Navarro. In it, we see, among other lovely things, clips from various del Toro movies, including Hellboy II: The Golden Army and Pan's Labyrinth.

But tucked away in there, there's also a glimpse of a giant robot stalking around between some skyscrapers, its arm doubling as a missile launcher.

Could this be our first look at a Jaeger? If we're being honest, it doesn't look like a finished shot from the movie, but it's certainly possible that it's some sort of early test sequence from Pacific Rim's CG animators. Bleeding Cool's Brendon Connelly, who was privy to some Pacific Rim footage at this year's Comic-Con, suggests that the robot "Meshes pretty well with the design there, if not the 'texture' and look of the image.

It's certainly intriguing, at least. Worst case scenario? We get to see some very pretty pictures, and listen to del Toro talk about storytelling, in his soothing chocolatey voice.

Pacific Rim is due out in UK cinemas on the 12th July 2013

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As much as I want it to be... No I don't think it is, its not big movie budget CGI more video game cut scene CGI. is it possible to sleep till its release??

One of the saddest film-related news I ever heard was when Del Toro pulled out of The Hobbit. Nothing wrong with getting Jackson back, but I was sooooo psyched to see Middle Earth through the eyes of Del Toro. He's got an eye for visuals that very few filmmakers can compare with.

Needless to say, I can't friggin wait for Pacific Rim. If this was a clue or no, I just know the Jaegers are gonna look breathtaking, not to mention the monsters they'll be fighting.

Every time a del Toro project fails to happen (The Hobbit, At the Mountains of Madness, inSANE, the Hulk TV show) a little part of me dies. And I'm not even that big a fan, to be honest - just love his imagination...

0:52 Swamp Thing?

Is that the work of Anthony Francisco Schepperd is some of those clips?

Stuart Wilson If that is your favourite part about him, consider yourself a genuine, card-carrying fan

Beautiful to see a filmmaker care so much about his medium, and it's also great to see that he was pushing the work of other artists too. Mirada looks REALLY impressive, continuing i the long tradition of studios where magic really does happen (Melies' Mmanufacturing Company,Pixar & Dreamworks, Elstree, Studio Ghibli, even Paramount in their 50's boomtime). Cannot wait for Pacific Rim!

Too true...

I have seen the Jeager's from the movie and the robo in MIRADA's promo reel is not from PACIFIC RIM

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