Machete Kills release in trouble

News Glen Chapman
22 Nov 2012 - 05:55

A recently filed lawsuit could prevent the release of Robert Rodriguez's Machete sequel

It would appear that the in-the-can sequel to Machete Machete Kills – is in trouble. Said trouble stems from a dispute between Overnight Productions and Robert Rodriguez's Quick Draw company, with Overnight filing a $2m lawsuit against Quick Draw claiming that it wasn't given sufficient information regarding Texas tax credit. It also claims it wasn't provided with the budget information, and was unable to accurately calculate its fees as a result.

It would appear, as a result, that Overnight is looking to stop the release of the film until the matter is resolved, which you imagine won't take too long as both parties no doubt stand to make money from the sequel. Machete made over four times its budget in worldwide box office takings, and given that it's now an established brand and has some attention grabbing names on board, the sequel should theoretically do reasonable business, too.

Machete Kills sees the titular character, played by Danny Trejo, recruited by the US government to take down a cartel leader and stop an arms dealer. Whilst on this wacky adventure he will encounter characters played by the likes of Mel Gibson, Lady Gaga, Charlie Sheen, Vanessa Hudgens, Sofia Vergara and Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. Expect limbs to be removed along the way.

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