First poster for the Evil Dead remake

Poster Glen Chapman 21 Nov 2012 - 07:15
The Evil Dead

Hot on the heels of the first image and trailer. here's the first poster for the Evil Dead remake

We've had the first image, we've had the impressive first trailer. Now? We have the first poster for the remake of the Evil Dead, and it certainly isn't shying away from bold statements as you will see below:

Appreciating that the attitude towards remakes nowadays is far from positive, when done right they can certainly still be worthwhile. In the case of the Evil Dead remake, it has more than enough positives in its favour, namely the involvement of Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi as producers, Oscar winner Diablo Cody on screenwriting duties and a hotly tipped horror director in Fede Alvarez.

The film is set for release in April next year.

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Films which claim to be the most terrifying one ever made rarely turn out to be...

That poster is terrible.


I do like the Evil Dead font though...

The Evil Dead with no cheesiness is no Evil Dead!

Not so, dude. Go back and watch the original, the first film in the original trilogy was intended as an all-out horror. The sillier elements only really manifested in the second, with the third being a comedy. In my opinion the first was easily the best of the three and I'm really looking forward to this. But then, what do I know, I enjoyed Gothika...

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