Could Lando be a returning character in Star Wars Episode 7?

News Ryan Lambie 19 Nov 2012 - 17:14

As the Star Wars rumour mill continues to churn, word breaks that Lando Calrissian may be a returning face in Episode 7...

Inevitably, rumours and theories have been flying around like confetti in the wake of the news that Star Wars Episode 7 is being planned by the newly purchased Lucasfilm.  Many of these rumours are lacking in substance to say the least, but one news snippet has caught our eye over the past few hours.

Although the specifics of George Lucas's apparently extensive treatment for Episode 7 are a closely guarded secret, Moviehole has a source - reportedly an ex-employer of Lucasfilm - who lists Lando Calrissian as one of the several characters thought to be returning in the new adventure.

The current thinking is that screenwriter Michael Arndt's script will take place after Return Of The Jedi, and older versions of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Harrison Ford are among the names linked to Episode 7. According to Moviehole, Lando's also on that list.

Naturally, everyone who once played those characters (including Billy Dee Williams, who starred as Calrissian) have made positive noises about returning to their famous roles - but whether they'll actually appear in the film is impossible to say at this early stage.

As yet, nothing's been said about poor old Chewbacca - Han Solo's loyal friend and frequent flyer in the Millennium Falcon - though Peter Mayhew's said he'd also be interested in returning to the role. "In my universe, he will be there fighting the empire all the way," Mayhew told the Huffington Post. "I hope the powers that be feel the same."

If it's true that Leia, Han and Luke are all coming back for Episode 7, it certainly makes sense that Lando - who played a key role in blowing up the Death Star - would return, too. And if that's the case, then surely Chewie and another veteran of the Battle of Endor, Nien Nunb, can't be far behind, either...

More Star Wars Episode 7 developments as we get them.


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"older versions of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Harrison Ford" ....ah yes, the famous character in Star Wars called Harrison Ford... you do know its not real guys don't you :-) ?!?

Poor old Nien Nunb doesn't get much press. Sad considering he was one of the three pilots who destroyed the new Death Star. I hope he got a medal along with Wedge & Lando.

And really?...."Naturally, everyone who once played those characters have made positive noises about returning to their famous roles" I don't see Harrison Ford making it back from interviews prior to Disney that I've seen on the subject....are we going to have to suffer wishful thinking here for the next few years?

If Wedge Antilles isn't in it, I'm not seeing it...

That actually reads even more amusingly when you consider that "Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia are names linked with episode 7". I always knew they were real damnit!!

wedge of course being the only pilot to survive two death star runs?

never mind those guys I want Admiral freakin' Ackbar!

I hope people realise that Luke, Leia, Han and co's parts will be small! as if they go by the books that continued after the movie it will be about han and leias children - liea becomes force aware and helps luke build a new jedi order - primary told through Jacen & Jaina (twins and force sensative) and anakin solo

Yes, please! And cast Chwetel Ejiofor for the part.

To be fair Mark Hamill and Carrie Fischer are mostly known just for they characters, they have done other work but few could name any of their other characters and I bet there are a lot of people out there that don't even know the actors names. Whilst Harrison Ford has stared as several memorable characters and is considerably more famous.

It's not a prequel!

It's a trap!

Yeah, I thought about that afterward I made that comment.

Much as I love the original tirilogy, having the original actors back will be a disaster. Have you seen how old, fat & tired looking they are? They need to be replaced. I also wish they would make "Heir to the Empire" but instead we will get some Lucas trash instead of films the calibre of the original trilogy.

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