Tom Hardy attached to the lead role in a Splinter Cell movie

News Ryan Lambie
15 Nov 2012 - 07:19

Ubisoft is planning an adaptation of its Splinter Cell series, and Tom Hardy could be in the lead role...

Ubisoft is clearly working hard on taking its most recognisable videogame characters into the movies. We've already heard reports that Michael Fassbender has signed up to play a stealthy hooded killer in an adaptation of Assassin's Creed (which is apparently now set to shoot in 2013), and news has broken that Tom Hardy is attached to the role of Sam Fisher in a big-screen version of the Splinter Cell series.

If the stories are accurate, we could be seeing Hardy sneaking around with three green lights on his head, snapping necks and firing silenced pistols - which, thinking about it, is something he'd probably be quite good at. 

Ubisoft will be developing its Splinter Cell movie in-house, and its motion picture production company, set up last year, is also working on an adaptation of its popular Rabbids property. 

With the Splinter Cell series now past its ten-year anniversary, screenwriter Eric Singer certainly has plenty of stories to choose from. The first entry appeared in 2002, establishing Fisher as one of gaming's most efficient government agents. If Hardy takes the job, expect to see him lurking in the shadows and foiling terrorist plots in a couple of years or so.

More news on Splinter Cell as we get it.

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