The Europa Report: first trailer

Trailer Ryan Lambie
13 Nov 2012 - 17:18

It’s a sci-fi movie starring Sharlto Copley, we know that much. Here’s the intriguing first trailer for Europa Report...

We first heard rumblings of The Europa Report’s existence a few months ago. Back then, all we knew was that Sharlto Copley was in it, that Equadorian director Sebastián Cordero is making it, and that it has something to do with an exploratory trip to one of Jupiter’s moons.

Having watched the first trailer for The Europa Report, we still don’t know much more than we did 30 seconds before we saw it, but we’re intrigued, we must say. A quick Google search of life on Europa yields various stories about the possibility of lifeforms beneath the Jovian moon’s surface, which hints that we might be in for some sort of Alien clone.

On the other hand, it’s just possible that The Europa Report may be a realistic account of a first contact with primitive alien life - a serious sci-fi movie with the tone of The Andromeda Strain, perhaps - as opposed to a straight horror piece. Codera’s track record of making intelligent, true-to-life films like Crónicas could bear this theory out, but only time and further trailers will tell.

The movie's currently slated for release in 2013, so we’ll keep you informed of further The Europa Report developments as we get them.

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