Mark Millar talks Kick-Ass 2 and Star Wars Episode VII

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9 Nov 2012 - 07:06
Kick-Ass US poster

In a post on Millarworld, Mark Millar has enthused over Kick-Ass 2 and gave Matthew Vaughn a ringing endorsement for Star Wars Episode VII

Mark Millar has taken to his own website, as he often does, to discuss the editing process of Kick-Ass 2 and the rumours circling that Matthew Vaughn left the sequel to X-Men First Class to direct Star Wars Episode VII.

Firstly, on Kick-Ass 2, he wrote that he thinks the follow up might just work out even better than the first film. "There's so much in this, the whole thing, so rich", he wrote, "that I honestly think this might be the Empire Strikes Back to Star Wars. I'd seen over 40 minutes before, but seeing the edited version of the next 20 minutes gave me a very comprehensive look for how the finished movie is going to look and I was actually quite shocked" 

"People are going to LOVE this", he said "and we all had a feeling that this was going to open really wide when it opens next June.”

He then went on to address the rumours surrounding Matthew Vaughn and the new Star Wars movie.

“Caught up with Vaughn yesterday and got a snoop around his new place before we hit his local and talked about everything from the Star Wars rumours to The Secret Service to the Superior movie he bought the rights to last year". He explained that "Vaughn departed X-Men because our Secret Service project was being copied by a few scripts doing the round and we didn't want anyone to beat us out there with our own idea. Star Wars has since, of course, announced an Episode 7 and he's been touted as a possible director for that movie. All I can say is that if he DOES get picked to helm the next Star Wars there would be nobody with more passion or enthusiasm for the project"

Kick-Ass 2 is set for release on July 19th un the UK, whereas Star Wars Episode VII is expected in 2015.


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