David Cronenberg's Maps To The Stars moves ahead

News Ryan Lambie 9 Nov 2012 - 06:33

After struggling to get Eastern Promises 2 off the ground, David Cronenberg is finally making his Hollywood drama, Maps To The Stars...

Back in August, we heard the depressing news that director David Cronenberg was struggling to get the requisite backing for a proposed sequel to his 1986 hit, The Fly. And with his other potential project - a sequel to the 2007 gangster drama Eastern Promises - also falling apart, this most respected independent filmmakers was left without a movie to make.

As commenter Tom Beasley succinctly put it, "If even Cronenberg can't get a risky film made, what hope does anyone have?"

Fortunately, there appears to be a ray of hope on the horizon. Another of Cronenberg's projects, Maps To The Stars, finally appears to have found the financing that has eluded it up to now. A script Cronenberg first attached himself to back in 2006, it's described as an "acerbic" look at fame in Hollywood.

"You could say it's a Hollywood film because the characters are agents, actors and managers, but it is not a satire like The Player," Cronenberg told Variety in 2009."Hollywood is a world that is seductive and repellent at the same time, and it is the combination of the two that makes it so potent."

With backing for the project finally in place, Maps To The Stars will begin shooting, it's said, next May. Previous Cronenberg collaborators Viggo Mortensen and Robert Pattinson are thought to be involved, and trade websites have suggested that Rachel Weisz may also be 'circling' the project, which makes the actress sound like some sort of celebrity pterodactyl.

At any rate, it's a relief to learn that Cronenberg's finally getting the rusty wheels moving on one of his movies. We'd have been fascinated to see what he would have done with a belated Fly sequel, but we've every faith that Maps To The Stars will be another incisive movie from one of the sharpest filmmakers currently working.


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I thought Cosmopolis was a tad tiresome whilst A Dangerous Method was just a dull affair- I hope this is his back to form and I really love films about Hollywood itself (The Player and Swimming with Sharks are amongst my favourite)

Why get Pattinson back? He was awful in Cosmopolis...!

I'm not buying this rent-an-optimism schtick about another Cronenberg film. He has just turned out, in quick succession, two of the most pretentious and downright tedious films I have seen this side of Peter Greenwaway. Like a character from his earlier, watchable efforts, he appears to be slowly consuming his directorial acumen by way of slow self-ingestion via the elementary canal. The emperor has no clothes.

Please no more Robert Pattinson. He was HORRIBLE in Cosmopolis. Anyone but him! Please David, don't use him again!

still sad that Eastern Promises 2 won't get made. Great film, and Viggo was outstanding in the role

Looking forward to this. Dangerous Method which was ok, but loved History of Violence all the way to Cosmopolis.

No, Pattinson was good. The problem was the script. The dialogue was endless and incomprehensible. For what it was, he played it well. But there's only so much you can do with nothing.

I wouldn't mind seeing him in another – better – Cronenberg film. I just hope this new film is the return to form that I had been hoping "Cosmopolis" would be.

Totally agree. Cronenberg used to be the most consistent of all directors. You could always count on him to turn out a good film; even his newer non-horror flicks like "A History of Violence" were worthwhile. But "A Dangerous Method" was horribly uneven, and "Cosmopolis" was distant and impenetrable. I hope he gets back on track with this new one.

Cronenberg is the man

Sorry to reply to this so long after you posted, but.. yeah.

The script too was perfect. The dialogue was endless and incomprehensible. It was supposed to be. Why? So we, the audience, didn't understand anything. The point was that Eric Packer (Pattinson) DID understand it, everything. Almost everything, that is. Except what an asymmetrical prostate, which led to his eventual demise.

I will only watch this move if Rob P is in it... Sorry Alex.

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