Joe Dante to direct Air Disturbance

News Glen Chapman
6 Nov 2012 - 06:42
Joe Dante, on the set of Gremlins

A new Joe Dante film is always worth getting excited over. Here are some details on his next project.

If there's one thing the world needs more of, it's Joe Dante films. For a director with his impressive back catalogue it seems as though we have too long a wait between films from the great man. Indeed, 2009's rather excellent The Hole was his last outing, although scandalously, that's a movie that only got a US release this year.

Still, it appears that the wheels are turning on Dante's next project. It's due to start filming on November 27th, it's called Air Disturbance, and it will star Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street) and Dylan Walsh (The Stepfather). The horror film takes place on a flight between Los Angeles and Toronto, when strange atmospheric conditions leave Sam Davidson (Walsh), a widower and father of two, having to protect his children and girlfriend - who happens to be a psychic - from the other passengers. Englund plays a fanatical preacher who believes the supernatural occurrences affecting the flight to be a sign from God.

In lesser hands, that doesn't sound like a particularly compelling cocktail. In the hands of Joe Dante, our ticket is already sold. More news on the film as we get it. In fact, more news on any Joe Dante film as we get it. 

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