Mark Wahlberg to remake Point Blank

News Glen Chapman 5 Nov 2012 - 07:25
Win Mark Wahlberg's mood ring!

After successfully remaking Contraband, Mark Wahlberg sets his sights on another thriller to bring to America...

Firstly, to be clear from the start, the Point Blank we're talking about here is the recent French action thriller. Fans of the 1967 John Boorman movie can breathe easier. The Point Blank in question is about a male nurse who finds himself in a race against time to assist in the escape of a murderer in order to ensure the safety of his heavily pregnant wife.

If you have yet to check out Point Blank, it's well worth a look. I reviewed the Blu-Ray release for this very site last year and enjoyed it a great deal. It's not the most sophisticated of films but it zips along from start to finish. It gets off to a running start and barely lets up. With the success of Taken and its sequel you can certainly see the appeal in remaking a film that owes a lot to the Neeson-starring action series.

It's being reported that Mark Wahlberg and Working Title are teaming up to remake the project which seems like a good move. Wahlberg and his production company had decent success with the remake of Contraband, which was solid and boasted a great cast. Of he can do the same here there's no reason it can't be a success. More on it as news comes in.


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Phew, thank goodness I was half asleep this morning and read that as Point Break!

Wasn't Mel Gibson's "Payback" a remake of "Point Blank"? Do we need another so soon?

Ok - might help if I read more carefully. Not that Point Blank - d'oh!

Stop doing this Den of Geek!

Last week you made my heart stop saying that Heat was to be remade, only to let us know that it was not the De Niro version.

My heart can't take any more of these near misses!

Erm...Payback anyone?

Again with this? Sthatam is already screwing that book up , now Marky mark is gonna take a stab at it ? Pour Westlake...

Oh and for all the numb nuts, thinking this will be a remake of payback which was a remake of PB, no , they are all versions of the novel The hunter, by Donald Westlake under is

pseudonym of Richard Stark

I thought you meant Grosse Point Blank! lol

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