Joe Carnahan gets ready for Stretch

News Glen Chapman
2 Nov 2012 - 06:42

With Daredevil being a non starter for director Joe Carnahan, he's found a new project instead...

Whilst it's disappointing that director Joe Carnahan had his vision for Daredevil passed over earlier this year, we still have his remake of Death Wish to look forward to. The director of the brilliant Narc, the entertaining The A-Team and this year's surprising The Grey, Carnahan is a filmmaker whose work is continually worth looking forward to. It's pleasing then that he has announced another project, a low budget action movie entitled Stretch.

Carnahan has hinted that Stretch may take priority over Death Wish by saying the following on Twitter "Thinking if 'Death Wish' isn't next, I might knock out a 3 million dollar movie with my pal Jason Blum … stripped down, bare bones basics".

Very few details are available on the project at this stage, but Carnahan seems to work well with modest budgets, so fingers crossed this goes ahead.


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