Come and see Argo with us early! And for free!

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29 Oct 2012 - 10:53

Our latest hand-picked movie screening? That'll be a preview of Argo in London on Monday 5th November. Here's how you can get a ticket...

We're very proud and excited to bring you the latest in our occasional series of handpicked reader screenings.

The film this time? That'd be Ben Affleck's tremendous Argo, which currently sits atop the US box office, off the back of very strong reviews. It arrives in the UK on Wednesday 7th November.

However, we're offering the chance for a bunch of Den Of Geek readers to see the film two days early, entirely free of charge, at a special preview screening.

First things first, though: please do not treat this as a competition. We want to give seats to people who genuinely want to see the film. Therefore, if you've requested seats to one of our previous screenings and not turned up, without letting us know, please don't request seats for this one. Sorry to sound so miserable about it.

If you want a seat, what we're going to ask in return is that you shout about the film afterwards, assuming that you like it. We'll give you full details before the screening starts.

Our screening will take place at 8 for 8.30pm at a location not too far from Holborn tube station in London.

So: if you want tickets, here's what you have to do.

* Tweet @denofgeek with the hashtag #ArgoGeek. Please make sure you're following us so we can DM you if you're successful!
* Or head to, to the post there, like us, and post that you want an Argo ticket.

We will be in touch shortly to allocate seats. Hope to see you there...

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