Matthew Vaughn out of X-Men: First Class sequel?

News Ryan Lambie
25 Oct 2012 - 21:35
X-Men: First Class

According to the latest reports, Matthew Vaughn has decided not to direct the sequel to X-Men: First Class...

Well, here's a surprising piece of news: it's being reported that Matthew Vaughn, who scored a major financial hit with X-Men: First Class, has decided not to direct the sequel, Days Of Future Past. 

Given that Vaughn had passed on the chance to direct the sequel to his 2010 hit, Kick-Ass - handing that task over to Jeff Wadlow instead - we naturally assumed that it was Vaughn's eagerness to direct the First Class follow-up that enticed him away.

Now, it seems that he's stepping back from Days Of Future Past, too, and will instead helm an adaptation of another Mark Millar comic book series, Secret Service.

The thinking is that Bryan Singer, whose involvement in the X-Men franchise is long standing, will take over the X-Men sequel in Vaughn's stead, but that is merely a rumour at this point.

If the stories are accurate, then Fox will be scrambling to get a director installed as quickly as possible, given that the production was originally scheduled to begin in the new year, with a projected release date of 18th July 2014.

More news on this as it comes in.


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