Transformers 4 and Ant-Man shooting in the UK next year?

News Simon Brew
23 Oct 2012 - 07:14

Michael Bay's Transformers 4 and Edgar Wright's Ant-Man might just both have London shoots in 2013...

A pair of casting calls have revealed that two big blockbusters might just be heading to Britain to shoot in 2013. The UK is currently playing host to Thor: The Dark World, and the likes of World War Z, Captain America and Nativity 2: Danger In The Manger have been shooting in Britain of late. Now it seems that Edgar Wright's Ant-Man and Michael Bay's Transformers 4 are heading to these shores too.

Firstly, Ant-Man. Feature Film Casting has put up a call that reveals Ant-Man will start shooting this coming January in London. If true, Edgar Wright will be a particularly busy man for some time, given that he's hard at work on next year's The World's End right now. Given that Ant-Man isn't set for release until November 2015, though, there may be some flex in the schedule.

Secondly, a Transformers 4 casting call has popped up over at, and it reveals that the movie is set to shoot in London too, starting around April or May of next year. The casting call reveals that the film is looking for a female lead aged 18-24 years, to play a high school senior. Then, they're also after a similarly-aged male to play her 20-21 boyfriend. His character is raised in Texas, and drivers racecars.

More news on both productions as we get it...

Feature Film Casting.

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