New writer hired for Scarface remake

News Glen Chapman
18 Oct 2012 - 07:29

The remake of the remake of Scarface has a new writer on board...

It's been a good few days now since we've had a new remake/reboot/reimagining to, er, get excited about. So let's chat Scarface. A new take on that has been in the planning stages for some time now. What's more, it seems as though the project has recruited a new writer in the form of Paul Attansio (Quiz Show). He's got the job of rewriting David Ayer's (Training Day) draft.

Full details of the film are as yet unknown and it would appear that it's a remake in the loosest of senses given that it's only borrowing small things such as themes, plot and the title. This seems to be the new stance on remakes to presumably prevent, or minimise, the inevitable backlash from those bemoaning the lack of ideas in Hollywood. Only last week we had those involved with the Bloodsport 'remake' taking a similar stance.

The De Palma version of Scarface is the one that is undoubtedly the most popular, with its poster adorning the walls of many a rapper, but it is in itself a remake of Howard Hawks' 1930's original which focussed on an Itallian imigrant in Chicago. De Palma's film focussed on a Cuban (well, Pacino with a dodgy accent) providing residents of Miami with lots and lots of cocaine. Where the new version will go remains to be seen...


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