Jack Reacher: new trailer

Trailer Ryan Lambie 17 Oct 2012 - 17:16

Werner Herzog scowls and Tom Cruise threatens people in the new trailer for Jack Reacher...

Height's been something of a sticking point when news broke of Tom Cruise's starring role in Jack Reacher, the much taller hero in the books of Lee Child. But as ever, Cruise is giving the part everything he's got, bringing all his charisma to bear on a character who's rather less straightforwardly heroic than, say, Ethan Hunt of Mission: Impossible fame.

In true modern action movie style, Jack Reacher's full of threatening phone calls, close-quarters combat, and people whose moral compasses are spinning in every direction. Exactly how the finished film will compare to the books that inspired it remains to be seen, but as a vehicle for Cruise's usual brand of toughness, it all looks solidly entertaining, with supporting turns from Robert Duvall and, best of all, Werner Herzog, who may yet turn out to be a classic movie villain.

Jack Reacher's out in UK cinemas on the 26th December 2012.

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Everything is in place, except for one tiny little thing.

Is that tiny little thing the tiny little actor?

As much as I want to hate this.....

Arrhhh, love Jack Reacher, I dig Tom Cruise's work, gotta say I'm gonna give this the benefit of the doubt and go watch it. Then I'll judge.

Why Tom Cruise?
Of all the great actors out there that could of filled the role.
I refuse to watch anything that freaky nutcase scientology boy is involved in.

Wont be watching anything Crui$e related sorry.

Was just thinking the same thing...

This looks like it could've been a decent film if it no way attempted to invoke the work of Lee Child.

I'm a fan of the books, sometimes I feel bitter since I was there at the beginning!! But anyway, loved this trailer. Cruise may be shorter than Reacher should be, but this looks fantastic. Honestly, I can't get too bothered about the height issue.

Love the music, reminds me of Peter Gunn. I don't know the novels so I'm prepared to give thsi a chance. Looks entertaining enough.

Even with my vivid imagination Tom Cruise can never be Jack , it makes a mockery of the character and the brilliant writing. Hollywood gone mad AGAIN. Jack - 6' 5", Tom 5'6".

I think Cruise will be great in the role. I like his work in the Mission Impossible series, so I don't think this will be too much of a reach for him. Seriously, I don't care about his strange beliefs, I'm going to see him play a part in a movie, not to a Scientology meeting to hear him proselytize. Just get over it, people. There's lots of actors out there who believe the universe is run by a Zeus looking character with a white beard, who sits on a throne somewhere in some nebulous ether, and people are always drinking his son's blood and expecting him to pop out of the clouds one day to make everything in the world right and wonderful - and I don't hold it against them. ;)

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