Mark Millar discusses his plans for Marvel movies at Fox

News Glen Chapman 17 Oct 2012 - 07:20

Mark Millar wants Fox to look at the model used by Marvel for The Avengers...

What once seemed an audacious move on Marvel's part paid off massively earlier this year as it successfully brought The Avengers together in a coherent and entertaining movie that did its characters justice (well, for the most part). Now that Marvel have proved that such a thing can be achieved, we have the prospect of Warner Bros and DC following suit with the Justice League movie.

What's more, now it seems as though we can expect those characters Marvel released the rights to other companies to appear in a movie together if Mark Millar, the newly appointed Marvel creative consultant for Fox, has his way.

Millar hinted at such a thing upon his appointment but has now elaborated further in a recent interview:

“Fox have said they want to build a cohesive universe and I'd personally like this to work in compliment to the Marvel one. It would be cool if these universes didn't contradict each other so if you want to see Spidey, The Avengers, the X-Men etc as a viewer you would have no idea that all three are coming from different studios. I'd love to make it look like they're all just happening in one place.”

He continued: “I don't think it's something anyone would want to rush into; following the Marvel model, we want to establish things first. If you had a Fantastic Four relaunch, and Wolverine and the X-Men were in it, I think it would distract you from the Fantastic Four. You can make people aware that they're existing in the same universe without making a big crossover movie, but it would be an injustice to the Fantastic Four not to make their first movie about them.”

It sounds like a sensible approach, certainly in terms of working on a universe that the characters Fox, and possibly Sony, owns the movie rights to can exist in. We await further news with interest...


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Given Fox is Murdoch related, I'm surprised that the interview came out legitimately and not found on somebody's voicemail system..

I still think they would be better off making a spiderman film with the turning into an arachnid story as that would then introduce the fantastic four as they help Peter reverse it. Then they could jump straight in to the FF film.

So who owns what now? Marvel Studios has Cap, Thor, Hulk, Spidey, Iron Man, The Avengers Ant Man too? And Fox has FF, right? Who has Ghost Rider and Blade?

I don't think any of the studios will be sharing major characters, instead look more for things like the proposed unified skyline and other background elements, like perhaps props or new minor characters popping up here and there or for humourous moments.

Coulson would have been ideal for this but now he's the star of the TV show I doubt Marvel would let it happen. Maybe they could share a General here or there or a news reporter that kind of thing.

Maybe we'll see Spidey picking up a schwarma from the same place as the Avengers or an X-man will fall off a roof and find they land in a web where some other bad guys have been strung up. That kind of thing should be easy to agree on so long as it's not plot relevant, I would imagine.

Regardless of whoever has what rights for whichever film - the REAL winner here is Disney who own Marvel..

Sony has Spidey, Ghost Rider. Fox recently lost Daredevil to Marvel but still has X-men and FF (big properties to have considering how much of Marvel depends on these two for some of it's core world-building stuff, especially FF).

Marvel has everything else pretty much. Blade and Punisher reverted back to Marvel last year in much the same way as DD.

Ghost Rider is with Columbia so it probably fits in with the Fox universe. Blade is New Line (or at least is was as far back as Trinity) so weirdly enough it's probably owned by WB. Hopefully that's lapsed by now and Marvel snapped it back up! I would really love to see a simple diagram of what is owned where and if there's anything attached to that. Paramount apparently get credits on Avengers even although they had nothing to do with the making of it!

Genius, so his idea is basically 'do it like marvel'. Wonder how much he's geting paid for those golden nuggets.

I was wondering that. Still if the above comments hold true and Millar can hold onto all the reigns well enough, I'm hoping it'll all come under the Marvel cinematic universe and you'll have people making cameos all over the place.

He's not exactly going to say 'Let's not do it like Marvel' is he?

Columbia is part of the Sony group.

Let's hope so!

It would be really great if they were able to put aside their 'rights' to the properties in the knowledge that a film crossover between Spidey and FF or Avengers and X-men would probably give them a slice of much larger pie.

To be fair, a lot of people have suggested it over the years but it was Marvel who took the risk and ran with it to prove how it could be done.

Fox half-heartedly attempted it, to tell Wolverine's story over the course of the X-men movie's and his first solo effort, but the car-crash of the origins movie probably put them off attempting any more.

There are a lot characters that are tied into the rights for FF and X-men through various first appearances etc. So done right there's no reason why these two franchises shouldn't be as diverse as the Avengers films have been.

The good thing is that Millar understands how to do this. the worrying thing is his storytelling style which from past news about his aborted attempts to get other major superhero films off the ground (specifically his Superman movie) and the types of stories he's told within the marvel comics (ultimate X-men, Fantastic Four, Civil War) are usually concept driven and not character driven so as long he's not let near the scripts and is just the guiding hand then Fox should do well out of this.



So it is!

You want "complement," not "compliment."

Ghost Rider came very close to reverting back to Marvel. I could see Sony giving up on the franchise soon and perhaps the same with the FF but I think it will be a long before Spider-man and the X-men will be back; they are the big money makers.

One of the worst writers in mainstream comics today. It's guys like Millar that have driven me away from traditional superhero books. Millar is what you get when you take all the negative aspects of Grant Morrison's writing and throw it in a blender with seecond-rate Garth Ennis-isms. HACK.

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