First image from The Evil Dead remake

News Glen Chapman 15 Oct 2012 - 06:46
The Evil Dead

Attendees at New York Comic Con were given a first look at The Evil Dead remake

Amongst the numerous exclusives attendees at the New York Comic Con got to witness this weekend, the first look at The Evil Dead remake has to rank among the more interesting. It's a remake that few people seem to actually want, but with Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi involved as producers and saying positive things about it, it could just turn out to be worthwhile.

The film is directed by Fede Alvarez based on a script by Diablo Cody and focuses on a group of twentysomethings going to a remote cabin to help one of them to get over their drug dependancy issues. When their behaviour becomes a little unusual it's put down to their reaction to the lack of drugs, but it soon turns out that they're possessed. Fede Alvarez, Bruce Campbell and Jane Levy were at the convention to share this first image of Levy in full makeup peeking out of the cellar in a menacing fashion.

It has to be said that the picture bears more than a passing resemblance to the possessed Regan from The Exorcist, but still it looks sufficiently creepy. Whether the final product overcomes the scepticism surrounding it remains to be seen, of course...

Let us know what you think below.

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I had the same thought about the resemblance to Reagan. I've seen other films that aped that look too. I wonder why though. Something to do with the appeal of a juvenile female face apparent beneath a layer of demonic evilness? Humm.

I think the white eyes of the original were creepier - this has 'modern horror remake' written all over it.

I'm not against remakes as an idea but I wish they would not remake beloved films and instead bring new versions of unknown or foreign films to the cinema.

Even better to film a good book - there are plenty out there awaiting adaptation.

Best of all though - film an original idea! It did The Cabin in the Woods no harm whatsoever!

Looks awful :/

Raimi and Bruce are involved. So there's hope ...

Pointless. Snore.

Weirdly, I'm not 100% against this movie anymore. Dunno why.
Maybe because Bruce Campbell vouched for it.

Need to see that trailer for myself ... then I will judge.

This will only be a good movie if its dark humour can somehow be even funnier than in the original. Without Bruce Cambell being in it, this will be extremely difficult. I sincerely hope the studio execs are sufficiently in-touch with genre culture to actually be aware that the original Evil Dead was a brilliant dark comedy. If it is remade merely as another shock-schlock sock, it will fail dismally and sink without a trace. This is a chance for a studio to pull-off something incredible with the right script, providing the studio has its ear to street-cred amongst Evil Dead fans. (Sigh). After the abominations called "John Carter", "Prometheus" and the US version of "The Wicker Man" (when the studio AND director AND writers unbelievably entirely failed to grasp the essential plot-fact that the policeman was actually the villain of the story, not the hero, and the cult leader was the hero, not the villain!) I don't realistically hold out much hope for a decent remake of Evil Dead.

Generic. Looks like anything from the last decade lame remakes, The Texas Chainsaw movies, The Halloween movies ,all that crap. This one will hurt specially , being ED probably one of the greatest modern horror movies.

To be fair, the original Evil Dead was influenced by The Exorcist. Not in terms of special effects, but the whole, "Girl gets possessed, subdued, taunts her friends mercilessly" bit. Demonic possession was big back then, they were cashing in on a fad.

Cabin in the Woods has raised the bar for this type of thing. The original is a stone cold classic but they're gonna have to do something pretty special to compete with Cabin..a scene for scene remake is not gonna cut it..

I agree. Though it has to be said that I thought that Scream would would raise the bar for this sort of thing back in 1996. It didn't. Horror movies kept on doing the same old thing...

I may have somehow missed the point, but I always thought that the first Evil Dead took itself pretty seriously, and it was only the sequels that got progressively more comedic...

Original sort of took itself seriously in that it was actually scary, but it knew how low its budget was and how outrageous its approach was, so was not in that sense serious e.g. self-important.

Well, if you cannot perceive the hillarious comedy element of the original Evil Dead, you have a glittering career as a second-rate movie producer opening before you. The original E.D. was better than its sequels because it managed to take stock horror scenarios so far OTT that they became hysterically funny. Maybe something like Shaun of the Dead, but E.D. was the first in its own genre. Mary Whitehouse could never see the funny side of Evil Dead either - a most peculiar anally retentive woman with a total absence of humour and style.

I'm very inclined to agree, Stuart. A completely new story would be vastly better than a retread on the old tyre. Why not: "Evil Dead - The Reprise!" or "Evil Dead - More Evil & More Dead" (I like that one, I'm quite proud of it - I think it would work!)

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