Monopoly, Action Man & Hungry Hippos movies planned

News Glen Chapman 8 Oct 2012 - 06:01
It'll be genius...

Hasbro is looking to bring more of its board games to the big screen, following this year's Battleship film...

It's fair to say that Battleship, while far from a flop, didn't perform as well as Hasbro and Universal had hoped for. However, this hasn't stopped Hasbro looking to some of its other popular games and toys for potential adaptations. The game-maker has thus signed a deal with indie production company Emmett/Furla films to bring Action Man, Monopoly and erm Hungry Hungry Hippos to the big screen.

Now, Monopoly has been rumoured as a potential Ridley Scott project for some time now, but as the director adds more and more projects to his ever growing to do list his involvement seems somewhat unlikely at this stage. That may be what possibly prompted this new deal.

It's unclear as to how these projects will take shape at this stage but we're not averse to a spot of wild speculation, so we'd guess that they'll all involve aliens.

Hungry Hippos, after all, could be a cross between Cannibal Holocaust and Apocalypto, where a documentary team discover a lost tribe that worship aliens and appease their alien gods by feeding people - or, er, marbles - to hippos. Hilarity ensues.

Action Man: our velcro haired, scarred, soldier with a sizeable wardrobe of combat attire for any season/climate is charged with tracking down an alien menace causing havoc across the world. Think a PG-13 version of Predator.

Monopoly: aliens somehow manage to receive a transmission of Homes Under The Hammer (or the equivalent property show of your choice) and go crazy for property development causing conflict among the usually peaceful race. They'll say it's a comment on capitalism and greed, but mostly it'll be aliens fighting over properties and land.

Feel free to leave your ideas below, and as we hear more on bringing the shelves of Toys R Us to the big screen, we'll let you know...

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Hungry hippos is a decent idea. I've had it with zombie apocalypses. What about a Hippo apocalypse? They are the most deadly land animal, you know.

I would watch a film with rampaging hippos.

But what about angry people riding equally angry hippos into battle?
Hippopotamus does mean "river horse", after all.

More people are killed by Hippos annually than Lions

This is a stupid and silly idea, and like battleship, it would not work out!

Those 3 ideas are probably better than anything Hasbro/Emmett/Furla has come up with.

I'll wait for the Ker-plunk film myself.


Action Man should be an intense, emotionally charged drama about a troubled war veteran who is struggling to come to terms with the fact that he has no genitals.

That could be the movies tagline.

Scrabble for me.

As a horror movie, sure:

"They said words could never hurt you. They were wrong."

An 'Operation' movie is also in development featuring an aging surgeon portrayed by Clint Eastwood who, as he struggles to maintain accuracy in his medical procedures, also battles mental illness. What is a game? What is real? It's time for your operation.

A lone man, pulls his wood out, now his balls are dropping. Coming to a cinema near YOU!

How about Chess the movie staring Arnie.

"I'll BE BLACK!"

"The good go to heaven, the bad go to spell!"


I could actually see Action Man and Monopoly working. But what on earth are they going to do with Hungry Hungry Hippos?

Isn't Board Walk Empire a dramatization of Monopoly??

omg. these would make good kids films maybe not monopoly cause it sounds confusing to make into a film, it's like never ending.. but hungry hippos could be a cool kids film!

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