Has the Prometheus universe been fused with Blade Runner's?

News Ryan Lambie 5 Oct 2012 - 16:17

An Easter egg spotted in the forthcoming Prometheus Blu-ray appears to suggest that the film’s set in the same universe as Blade Runner…

Ridley Scott’s divisive return to the Alien universe, Prometheus, is out on DVD and Blu-ray on Monday. And if a screen-grab from one of the disc’s bonus features is genuine, it seems that the Alien and Blade Runner universes have become fused.

On the Prometheus special edition disc, there appears to be a message written by Peter Weyland himself (played by Guy Pearce in old man make-up in the movie, you may remember).

You can read that message here:

Fans of Blade Runner will probably spot the allusions to that film’s Replicant maker, Eldon Tyrell, who indeed lived in a pyramid overlooking a city of angels (Los Angeles), and died at the hands of his own creation.

If Tyrell was Peter Weyland’s mentor, could it be possible that, after his death, Weyland took over his corporation, thus creating the ‘Weyland Robotics Division’ mentioned above?

There’s been talk of Ridley Scott’s belated sequel to Blade Runner for some time now, so is this an early hint that the universe of Alien and Blade Runner are going to be tied together, or is it just a bit of viral marketing to get fans of both properties buzzing?

If more substantial news on this arises, we’ll be sure to share it with you. 



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Isn't one of the special features called 'merging the Ridleyverses'?
That would seem to be a bit of a hint, no?
On a related subject, look out for the forthcoming novel inspired by Blade Runner; 'Tears in Rain' by Rosa Montero. Am about halfway through, and so far it's a beaut.

That's a nice little Easter Egg (but that's all it is) Also - I don't know if I want Sir Ridley to return to the Blade Runner universe with the mooted sequel. Rowena.........hadn't heard of Tears in Rain - gonna buy it now! Good heads up!

Might be a pre-order at the mo' but it's worth waiting for... Could have been a nasty mishmash but actually establishes a neatly credible future world order. With replicants. And without interfering with Ridley or PK Dick's realities. Nice trick!

Move along, nothing to see here.

... that would be awesome indeed. But I doubt it'll turn out more than a curiosity for fans since Warner Bros. owns Blade Runner.

Meh...anyhoo.Prometheus out on Blueray on monday? I got a blueray rip of it from Extratorrent about 2 months ago. Idiots and their stupid region release dates. I might download it again if it has the deleted scenes / extras / directors cut like Aliens did, otherwise....momph!

maybe it would be important if prometheus wasnt terrible

... it wasn't terrible. You just didn't liked it :D I did, despite the plot holes and dumb characters. P.S. Michael Fassbender rules!

I seem to remeber in bladerunner they used a computer display copied over from alien (the word purge springs to mind, perhaps someone else can explain it better)

Nope. Terrible it was, you just didn't see

How can you defend a film while admitting it had 'plot holes and dumb characters'? Doesn't that kind of immediately make it a bad film on a fundamental level? You can't make a good film out of a bad script.

Seriously, Prometheus is garbage - a lot of people are still in denial about it, but then a lot of people were in denial about The Phantom Menace for a while too.

The 1998 David Peoples penned flick, Soldier, had a similar in-film Easter Egg where we found out that Todd, Kurt Russell's character, had been present at Tannhauser Gate, which Roy Batty mentioned in his death soliloquy.

A cheap ploy to try and convince people that Prometheus wasn't crap.

i like how detractors have had their negative comments downgraded to oblivion.

Ah yes, I remember that, it was a landing or docking display if I remember correctly.

Agreed. Battlefield Earth was terrible. Transformers was terrible. Prometheus appears to be considered terrible largely due to the amount of hype. Personally I'd say a lot of that hype appeared on this very site, where the film was treated like the Second Coming. The dispropotionate negativity and bile directed towards it seems a bit hysterical to me. I really like it a lot, even if there are a few things I would like to change. It's another case of the curse of the Amazon review section - didn't live up to expectations? ONE STAR. Thing about what a one star film is REALLY like. Maybe it was one star for some people, relative to what they wanted, rather than an absolute one star. But how good do you expect a film to be? Should Ridley Scott maybe have reduced the hype "Woah there, DoG, it's not going to be THAT good, people may not actually want to see it at all, I'll let Fox know to expect less revenue".
As for the DVD extra, I wouldn't be surprised if it's just a cheeky tidbit for fans to fuss over.

You just sound, like, so awesome man. Hey look everyone, that guy downloaded the film two months, and he's so nonchalant about it too, that guy tears up the rulebook everyday, and rolls it up and smokes it on the street corner, wearing shades and looking cool. Buying a Bluray is for squares, man.

This put me in mind to have a look at the sets. Why do I have to get the one with a 3D copy that I'll never use in order to get all of the special features? All of the multi-format sets are getting annoying now, digital copy as an extra is ok but I don't need several discs when I'll most likely only watch the film in one format!

Does anyone remember before the release of SOLDIER that they promoted it as a prequel to Blade Runner? At the Shrine / Comic Book Convention I saw the preview for the movie and at the time it had the same "city scape" directly from Blade Runner with the television-blimp inserted... not that it would affect the storyline mentioned above...

I posted a reply to this yesterday but it did not go up, wonder why? As it was showing for a while? Could it be too controversial.....The irony of your comment is not lost on me...heheh I am just sick of the whole multi region farce now. That was my point...eg latest stupidity is Madagascar 3...its not released in the cinema in the UK until 19th October, but is already out on Blueray and I have downloaded it and am going to watch it. If I had the money I would buy it probably.... Dont mind me, I am just old, bitter and cynical. I was lucky enough to be one of the first people in the UK to buy a DvD player, way back in 1998. It was an imported American machine with a uk mains adaptor, and I used to buy one or two dvds a month and import them from the states via post, just as the internet was really taking off in the UK...and before you could buy them in the shops, OR rent them from Blockbuster....they had never even heard of DvD back then never mind Blueray..heheheheh. I remember being so excited to get the imported DvD of the BlairWitch project and it had not even come out in the Cinemas here. Happy days. Oh well...like I said I am just old and bitter now. Hope you have a good weekend.

Agree, Prometheus was awful. 2D characters, who were remarkably stupid considering they were supposed to be experts in their fields. Lame plot devices, which were all just cheap and uninteresting ways to fill in the blanks as an Alien Prequel. Lot's of throwaway characters who you didn't really care about (or seen), even when they died in sudden unwarranted bursts of bravery.

The ONLY thing I enjoyed about this film was Michael Fassbender's performance as David. Ironically, the robot had more backstory than any of his human cohorts.

Oh and the make-up used to make Guy-Pierce look old was borderline comical. Why did they decide to make a youngish actor look old, instead of just finding an old actor? Please don't tell me it was for the sake of the viral videos.

Your such an idiot. If your gonna brag get your facts right first. US machines use a different voltage to UK machines, 110 volts to 240 so if you plugged a US machine into a UK socket using a mains adaptor then it would blow the fuse.

I think they were going to film more of Guy Pearce as a young man, beyond the virals, but ended up not doing it. He mentioned it in an interview somewhere or other, because they asked him why not just get an old guy in.

Since my previous comment was deleted (for being a bit moody I presume), I'll say it again in more polite terms: I find it mildly amusing that people regularly say of Prometheus "Yeah sure the script was bad, the story was bad, the characters weren't very likable, the acting was mostly bad, it didn't make a whole lot of sense... but overall it was still a GOOD film!". I just find it a little baffling.

As for the one star thing, it's all about context - reviewing a film isn't a scientific, mathematical process. For example, I would rate The Dark Knight Rises 3 stars, but that is mainly in the context of comparing it to The Dark Knight and Batman Begins which I thought were much better films, but I'm not saying it was categorically an average or mediocre film as 3 stars might suggest.

With Prometheus, yeah I'd say I'd give it 1 star, maybe 2 stars at a push, because in the context of sci fi horror and the Alien franchise in general I think that about sums it up. I might give another film 1 or 2 stars, but that doesn't mean x is exactly as good/bad as y. I guess then you're getting into a debate about the merits of assigning a numerical value to rank films which is a whole other debate.

I liked Fassbender because he's a very charming and charismatic actor, but regarding David I always got the distinct impression that Scott and co wanted to have an android character but didn't want to be seen to be copying Ash (a creepy, murderous company stooge) or Bishop (a friendly, sympathetic, courageous ally), so they ended up with an awkward mishmash of both - a creepy, friendly, courageous, murderous company stooge. Totally muddled and inconsistent, like so much else in the film.

A completely amoral character could have been interesting, but there seemed to be no logic at all in how he behaved or reacted to things. I wanted to like him, but could never get a handle on his motivation, and still don't really understand what purpose he served the 'plot' other than 'obligatory Alien movie android'.

Totally indicative of a movie sorely lacking in focus and direction. See also Patrick Wilson's character - apparently originally credited as 'coccooned man', shows up as Shaw's father in flashback for about thirty seconds.

Crazy concept I know, but maybe it's a good idea to have an actual script locked down before spending an obscene amount of money on production?

No, he's not an idiot. Even before 1998 and DVD there were Laserdisc players and multi-region VHS recorders (PAL/NTSC) used in the UK, imported from the US/Japan and plugged into the UK mains using 240/110 voltage adapters (or converter or transformer if you prefer). I recall them getting pretty warm, but they did work!

THANK YOU!!! At least Fozziwig read what I posted. The player I had was a Pioneer. It CAME with an adaptor, provided for it from the company I imported it from. Said company had a small cottage business in a little village near where I live, its now got a large shop in the Metro Center in Gateshead, called LE Concepts. I was not bragging, just remembering what I used to do. Remember I said I was "lucky enough" to get a player. There was not much in the way of publicity for DvDs back then, it took a while for the UK to catch up to the States, and for DvD to become mainstream and available to rent in blockbuster etc. I just thought that by now, 14 years later the whole multi region farce would have come to an end. Because the internet makes it redundant. On one hand they moan about piracy, and on the other make a film available in the USA on DvD / Blueray, when it still has not come out in the Cinema here, and then wonder why people download it, or order it from abroad etc and then dont go to see it here at the pictures. With 3d tickets costing £10 an adult at "peak" times, eg the weekend when everyone is off work etc...Anyway fennyfenn, I am not arguing...like I said I am old, bitter and cynical. I was just trying to chat and be nice. Yes fozzywig, the adaptor did get warm! It was weird having something with an American plug on it, and then this big brick to plug it in to. I was just annoyed about the Uk being so far behind tech wise. But nothing has changed...same thing happened with Blueray, broadband etc. I dont need to worry about multiregion anymore thanks to Utorrent. I still have lots of region one disks I bought over the years that wont play on friends DvD players. I wonder if there are still people out there that have any?

Also the clicing sound when Deckard is examining the Zhora photo.

Very heavy-handed, lacking any subtlety, I was waiting for "...in the old man's face, by his prodigal son wanting more life".

Should have stopped at "like a god on top of a pyramid".

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