A Good Day To Die Hard: teaser trailer

Trailer Ryan Lambie
4 Oct 2012 - 18:24

Guns! Helicopters! It's the first teaser for A Good Day To Die Hard...

Was it really only yesterday we were pondering about the size of John McClane's gun in the first image from the set of A Good Day To Die Hard? Yes it was. And now, as Fox's marketing onslaught kicks into gear like an out-of-control juggernaut that only an honest New York cop can stop, here's the first, teasing teaser trailer for the latest Die Hard opus.

It has Bruce Willis looking faintly bemused. There are helicopters and guns. It appears to be shot entirely at night. Feast your eyes on the first footage, and let us know what you make of it all in the comments. Now, take it away, Mr McClane...

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