A Good Day To Die Hard: teaser trailer

Trailer Ryan Lambie 4 Oct 2012 - 18:24

Guns! Helicopters! It's the first teaser for A Good Day To Die Hard...

Was it really only yesterday we were pondering about the size of John McClane's gun in the first image from the set of A Good Day To Die Hard? Yes it was. And now, as Fox's marketing onslaught kicks into gear like an out-of-control juggernaut that only an honest New York cop can stop, here's the first, teasing teaser trailer for the latest Die Hard opus.

It has Bruce Willis looking faintly bemused. There are helicopters and guns. It appears to be shot entirely at night. Feast your eyes on the first footage, and let us know what you make of it all in the comments. Now, take it away, Mr McClane...

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Nice use of 'Ode to Joy'. Good to see McClane crack wise again. Apart from that, we didn't really SEE enough to get a proper sense of how this is gonna turn out...
And I can't quite put my finger on it but something about this reminded me of that asinine 4th instalment...

I will probably go and see it but I really miss the John McClane who is an every day joe that has to deal with a hard situation. Now he might as well be called John Matrix or Rambo as he takes down villains easily and takes out half the city with over the top stunts.

Is that a modified Batmobile at 0.13? Is Batman going to turn up and save John McClane?

Am I the only one that dislikes the fact that Die Hard turned into a franchise and that John McClane has become some action super hero? I prefer to think of it as just the one movie, maybe with a dash of the third one.

I agree with BigByWolf86, draw of Die Hards 1-3 was that McClane didn't WANT to be involved. In Die Hard 4 character had changed to "Hey, I'm a badass" which wasn't in 1-3. Sadly, this seems to be similar...I'll still go see it though.

Completely agree. The first Die Hard is a modern classic that bucked the trend (at the time) by having a vulnerable hero. It was also a 'bespoke' script. Although I quite like 3 it started life as a generic thriller and got moulded into a Die Hard film.
TBH, you should treat 1 as a standalone and the others just happen to have the same character name and actor (how many swimming pools does he need? I think he'll regret diluting his greatest role).

Can't wait for this!!!!

OH PLEASE have an R rating.....i need more cussin'

I don't think he's worried about his film legacy. Nor about the number of pools. I think he's just doing it for the fun of it. And he seems to be choosing roles that, at least from where I sit, look like so much fun to do. He's more or less the same character in every movie anyway.

Whatever, if the rating is pg 13 is gonna blow like live free or suck hard. damn, they even had to silence the yippee kay yay motherfucker with the gun noise... it was painful to watch.

having some noise blurt out the curse we all know was being said so that the film can be released to a wider audience doesn't kill the movie for me. adults don't go the theatre very much anymore. if you don't let the teenagers in, it gets difficult to get a picture made. It just seems, saying "i didn't like it, I couldn't hear when he said motherfucker" is a bit extreme. It seemed like a die hard movie to me--if i had a complaint, the scope of the threat was getting too big--like Bond/Mission Impossible big--to have a police officer as the hero. but, that is escalation in sequels. no getting around it.

i agree. the scale is too large now. i imagine 5 will be even more grandiose

I might sound narrow minded and picky but ...
John McClane has hair. End of story. Die Hard ended with part 3.

Oh, and of course all the other posters are absolutely right when they point out that he's not a superhero. That is what made Die Hard so exceptional. You believed that a fairly average cop, when pushed to his absolute limits (both physically and mentally),could save the day, even facing seemingly impossible odds.

It may not be Die Hard as we know it - but we know we're going to see it nonetheless.

As a teaser trailer I think it's very well cut. The music choice was spot-on. I just wish the studio would leave it at that. That teaser made me want to see it - I think a full on spoiler-filled trailer might dillute some of that enthuasism.

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