Nicolas Cage signs up for Richard Kelly's Amicus

News Glen Chapman 28 Sep 2012 - 08:59

The true crime thriller Amicus is set to be Richard Kelly and Nicolas Cage's next project.

Nicolas Cage is an actor that we have a lot of time for in these parts, but even as a fan of the man we have to admit that his choice of roles of late has hardly been, er, 'stellar'. That might change however, as the latest project he's signed up for sounds very interesting indeed.

Donnie Darko director Richard Kelly had to move away from his planned film Corpus Christi as he struggled to secure the financing required. That left him searching for a new project and it seems as though he's found that in Amicus, which is based on real life events. The film will follow the case of James Perry, who was hired by record producer Lawrence Horn to kill his wife, quadriplegic son and family nurse, so that he could inherit $2m awarded to his son following a medical malpractice law suit.

Cage will play the lawyer Rodney Smolla, whose client is the publishing company that released a book entitled Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors, which was used by Perry. When the families of the victims learned about this they decided to sue.

The ambitious film will cover a span of 25 years of the case and is set to go in front of cameras in Atlanta in January.


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was hoping for a biopic of Milton Subotsky

Gee. Richard Kelly sure likes to set himself a challenge. That sounds unfilmable. Bring it on!

Cage will always be awesome. The guy is an icon.

Richard Kelly? Yikes... I doubt he can handle a real-life murder case with enough respect, so that it doesn't go the route of Southland Tales.

Sorry Glen, but Rodney Smolla actually represented the families of the victs in their case against tha publishers of the book. He is a highly respected American Constitution scholar, in particular the First Amendment and freedom of speech. This is wy him taking the case against the publishers, and basically fighting to deny them their freedom of speech, was such a personal conflict for him, and a fascinating trial. I am really looking forward to Cage's portrayal of him, hopefully he will get to exercise his dramatic acting muscles moreso than he has in recent times.

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