28 Months Later not on the cards

News Glen Chapman
20 Sep 2012 - 06:03

Writer Alex Garland has rubbished the prospect of the rumoured 28 Months Later...

As writer Alex Garland embarks on promotional duties for Dredd in America (the film comes out in the US this Friday), one question that's popped up is whether plans are still afoot for 28 Months Later, a follow up to 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later. The answer? Probably not.

“I'm still so proud of 28 Days Later and how well it's been received over the years so I appreciate that", he told Dread Central. "But in regards to another movie; no there are no plans for a 28 Months Later or whatever they're calling it. This is a series I've always been heavily involved with between the original and sequel so if there were plans for another movie, I would absolutely know about it”.

So there you have it.

It has been a while since there has been any talk of a follow up so this news doesn’t come as much of a surprise. A pity, though. We'd be quite interesting in a trilogy-closing chapter of the 28... series. Ah well.

One more thing: to our American chums, please go and see Dredd. It's good, and if enough of us support it, we'll get the sequel, too...

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