28 Months Later not on the cards

News Glen Chapman 20 Sep 2012 - 06:03

Writer Alex Garland has rubbished the prospect of the rumoured 28 Months Later...

As writer Alex Garland embarks on promotional duties for Dredd in America (the film comes out in the US this Friday), one question that's popped up is whether plans are still afoot for 28 Months Later, a follow up to 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later. The answer? Probably not.

“I'm still so proud of 28 Days Later and how well it's been received over the years so I appreciate that", he told Dread Central. "But in regards to another movie; no there are no plans for a 28 Months Later or whatever they're calling it. This is a series I've always been heavily involved with between the original and sequel so if there were plans for another movie, I would absolutely know about it”.

So there you have it.

It has been a while since there has been any talk of a follow up so this news doesn’t come as much of a surprise. A pity, though. We'd be quite interesting in a trilogy-closing chapter of the 28... series. Ah well.

One more thing: to our American chums, please go and see Dredd. It's good, and if enough of us support it, we'll get the sequel, too...

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Agree that all our US cousins should go see Dredd - don't worry folks, not barrow boy or hoodie in sight.

No third film? That is a genuine shame. The first 2 were fantastic and a third would nicely top it off. I'm sure there would be an audience for it

Kind of glad they're not going for a third. The sequel just wasn't as strong as Days. I think a third would just dilute the whole thing further. And in an environment where horses are thoroughly flogged beyond usefulness, it's nice to see a franchise NOT get milked dry and allowed to stand on its own artistic merit, for once.

l adored 28 Weeks Later. The beginning alone is amazingly powerful for a British SF horror movie.

Shame - theres not many movies I would actively travel to a cinema for, but a third "28" movie would do it.

I think that it may still go ahead but possibly just not with the past team. I'm guessing that Garland doesn't have the final say on the project.

He may not want to do it but there are others out there that will have ideas of their own that could move it forward.

I don't know what the Dredd trailers were like over there, but the trailers in the US are not doing the movie any favors. Just looks like bullets + 3D

LAME!!!! Hopefully it will eventually regain traction. 28 Weeks Later was a rare, awesome sequel.

But they left 28 weeks on a really great cliff hanger! How dare they!

Just because the writer of the series isn't "saying" there will be no sequel doesn't mean that there will never be plans for one. Thats really a studio decison, not a writers decision. If the studios want a sequel they will let Alex Garland know. Danny Boyle has already mentioned that he enjoyed 28 weeks later a lot and that if given the oppurtunity and interests by studios he would be fully willing to direct a 3rd film after his other projects. So yeah I'm taking this article with a SOLID grain of salt. There will be a 3rd film made. Believe me.

I thought they were good films. i would love to see another. But i guess hes too busy with the masterpiece that is Dredd. Movie is terrible, glad to know hes branching out to other things, except no one will EVER remember them. Might do them some good to make another 28. Cuz dredd is downright terrible

We should start a 28 Months Later Facebook page and get a bunch of "likes." If we show them how much we want it, they might make it. Also, we should make a Facebook page for Army of the Dead (Dawn of the Dead 2004 sequel).

damn not part 3. not a good way to end a series. when there was no end to the last movie. i was so looking forward to the 3rd part. and to see how they would end the movie. complete end of people or life? or a cure of some sort, or just an epic end where people actually stop it once and for all. well that's too bad. i will still check back from time to time to see if they changed their minds. laters all. lets just hope they change their minds.

Waaaa i really wanted to know what happened!! Looooved both movies,feel almost heartbroken that there may not be a third :-(

I don't know which is worse. That there's no word on a third movie yet, or that Robert Carlyle's character died in the previous movie so he won't be able to star in the new.

This is quite surprising. With a cliff hanger like the one they gave us in 28 weeks later it was basically screaming for a sequel. This is a shame.

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