The Avengers breaks $1.5bn, The Dark Knight Rises $1bn

News Simon Brew
3 Sep 2012 - 06:50

The summer's big comic book movies, Joss Whedon's The Avengers and Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, break box office barriers...

Two major box office milestones were hit over the past few days, as the summer's most acclaimed blockbusters both continued to rake in cash.

In the US, Marvel re-released The Avengers for the weekend, ahead of its DVD and Blu-ray bow later this month, and was rewarded with an extra $1.6m in takings in the US alone. That took the film's Stateside total to $619m, and it also helped push the movie over the $1.5bn box office barrier worldwide. It's only the third film ever to do so, and the first that hasn't been directed by James Cameron. Even appreciating that the 3D ticket price premium has helped Joss Whedon's movie, it's still a staggering number, and a massive achievement.

Meanwhile, The Dark Knight Rises has now become the most successful Batman movie of all time. Christopher Nolan's trilogy closer pulled in another $5.8m in the US over the weekend, to take its American tally to $431m. And the movie also crossed the $1bn worldwide, too. It did this purely from 2D screenings, of course. The Dark Knight Rises still seems to have a little bit in the tank, too.

Incidentally, the summer's other big comic book movie has hardly done shabby business. While it's below the level of its predecessors, Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man has amassed $734m worldwide, which considering the film was a reboot, isn't a bad total.

Off the back of all of this cash, do not expect any slowdown in the number of comic book movies heading to the big screen...

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