New posters for RED 2 and Resident Evil:Retribution

Poster Simon Brew
23 Aug 2012 - 07:55

Check out the latest posters for Resident Evil: Retribution and RED 2 right here...

Let’s be efficient, and tell you about two posters for two different films in one story.

The first is the latest poster for Resident Evil: Retribution, which is heading to cinemas next month. It sees Milla Jovovich back as Alice, with the film once more directed by Paul W S Anderson. From what we’re hearing so far, this is the penultimate Resident Evil movie, too. And, as the poster tells us, evil is going global this time. Yikes.

Secondly, here’s the first official teaser poster for next year’s RED 2. The film is being directed by Dean Parisot (who is apparently signing up to make Bill & Ted 3 afterwards), and the cast sees Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren returning. Here’s hoping it lives up to the potential this time around. The first RED movie got off to a good start, and then painfully ran out of steam. Expect RED 2 next summer…


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