Sony's making a movie out of 80s TV show ALF

News Ryan Lambie 9 Aug 2012 - 07:27

Remember ALF, the 80s sitcom starring a wisecracking alien? Sony's making a feature film out of it...

Back in the 80s, when only people like Matthew Broderick were cool enough to have an internet connection, ALF was on television. If you're old enough, you may remember it well; ALF (stands for Alien Life Form) was a fast-talking extraterrestrial brought to life by puppeteer Paul Fusco. Crashlanding on Earth, ALF befriends the Tanner family while avoiding government forces. 

Now, Sony's looking to revive the series as a movie, and has secured the rights to make a CG/live-action hybrid family feature with Fusco returning to voice the smart-mouthed alien. The series ran for over a hundred episodes between 1986 and 1990, so while there's no writer or director attached as yet, there's at least plenty of material to take inspiration from.

More ALF news as we get it.

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Alf should be a puppet, no CG required.

Agree with Catfood. Sort of. The puppet and the way it moved was part of it's charm. The way the quiff bounced as he nodded and said 'works for me, Willy' was adorable. Not sure how that would work today though with most kids expecting CG. Muppets did well though so I guess it could. Whatever they do tho won't change my love for the original. I used to love it as a teenager when it was on tv and had a huge crush on Kate (the mum)

There's already an Alf Movie (Project Alf) starring Miguel Ferrer. Why not mention of that classic? (i use the term very loosely)

Why not make it fully live-action and have the nation's sweetheart Jessica Ennis as the titular alien?
Passing resemblance? I think so!

I blame the success of Ted for this. Thanks a lot MacFarlane.

Ahhh, a new low discovered.

'It's Alf! Remember Alf? He's back! In pog form.'

Ah man, I used to love watching ALF! Let's hope they don't mess this up, like they did with The Smurfs.

"More ALF news as we get it." THIS is why I regularly visit this site. Which other website on the net would put those words together?

I loved the TV ALF. There was just enough "edge" allowed in the scripts to reduce the sugar content, which at that time was a rarity in US TV shows. (Such as, the main gourmet delicacy on ALF's planet was cats, and he was frequently trying to eat the family pet.) I agree with those who say it should be a puppet in the film, not a CGI. I hate it when something you once fell in love with is shown differently.

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