Is a Saw reboot being planned?

News Glen Chapman 9 Aug 2012 - 11:51
Saw: do you want to play?

Is it too soon for a reboot of the lucrative Saw horror franchise? It would appear that Lionsgate doesn't think so...

Lionsgate seems intent on getting the most out of its franchises, demonstrated by the announcement that it'll be splitting the final instalment of The Hunger Games trilogy into two films. And with the last instalment of the Twilight saga nearly over, there have been rumours that a reboot for that franchise is being planned. 

Well, it seems that Lionsgate is looking to reboot the Saw franchise, too.

Although it may seem a little soon, it shouldn't come as a huge surprise, given that it's an insanely profitable franchise. And while some may feel it has run its course, with Saw 3D ending the story in 2010, the studio might have different views on the matter.

It is worth pointing out that there has been no official word from Lionsgate, Blood Disgusting says "sources we trust" are adamant that the studio's considering the idea.  

After the widely-praised Saw was released in 2004, the franchise continued with some decent entries and some less than satisfying ones. Let's hope a new movie, if it does go ahead, finds a way to get the series back on track.

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Let it be. PLEASE, just let it be.

I hope by "reboot" they mean an entirely new story with new characters...the only connection being the visceral violence. Always thought Saw would've worked as TV series...CSI style but following a unit that deals with extreme violent crime.
Whatever. Just hope it's better than Saw 3D.

I hope they going in with a committed plan instead of saying we will end after 6 no 7 wait 9 nope back to 7. Then have the 7th movie be awful story wise and have terrible effects.

Seriously there is NO REAL SOURCE for this and it's driving me nuts. (Because I'd totally love a new Saw movie, but there's no evidence whatsoever that it's going to happen.)

oh dear... I trully hope this is a load of tripe..

Yeah. I prefer to think it ended at the end of 6. That's a totally satisfying end, to me! But since 3D exists I'd like another one... or a reboot of the first movie, with real actors. ;)

Saw 6 was probably the best one since the first! Compared to it, it was almost like they just gave up with Saw 7. It's nowhere near as good.
What Saw 4-7 proved most of all, though, was that Saw NEEDED Tobin Bell. What is arguably the weakest of the bunch? Saw 7. Why? Hardly any Tobin Bell. A reboot without him wouldn't work.
If they want to bring back the franchise, why not just make a Saw 8? Have Lawrence as the new Jigsaw, and flashbacks of John Kramer like they did with Hoffman. There is potential for a story there, as unlike Hoffman Lawrence isn't a complete nutter, so there might be room for some psychological conflict.
Otherwise. Just let it be.

It'll only work if they combine it with the Alf reboot

I;m afraid I only got to number 3 I think and lost interest.

First was good, after that very meh.
Even ultraviolence needs a plot.

They should reboot "Deep Throat".

yes yes yes what you said.

"Even ultraviolence needs a plot."
Confirmed for pleb who didn't even watch the films.

you know what? I'd watch that.

While I get what you're saying in theory, in practice if two out of the first three suck, it's gonna suck.

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