Is a Saw reboot being planned?

News Glen Chapman
9 Aug 2012 - 11:51
Saw: do you want to play?

Is it too soon for a reboot of the lucrative Saw horror franchise? It would appear that Lionsgate doesn't think so...

Lionsgate seems intent on getting the most out of its franchises, demonstrated by the announcement that it'll be splitting the final instalment of The Hunger Games trilogy into two films. And with the last instalment of the Twilight saga nearly over, there have been rumours that a reboot for that franchise is being planned. 

Well, it seems that Lionsgate is looking to reboot the Saw franchise, too.

Although it may seem a little soon, it shouldn't come as a huge surprise, given that it's an insanely profitable franchise. And while some may feel it has run its course, with Saw 3D ending the story in 2010, the studio might have different views on the matter.

It is worth pointing out that there has been no official word from Lionsgate, Blood Disgusting says "sources we trust" are adamant that the studio's considering the idea.  

After the widely-praised Saw was released in 2004, the franchise continued with some decent entries and some less than satisfying ones. Let's hope a new movie, if it does go ahead, finds a way to get the series back on track.

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