Kevin Costner offered a role in Kenneth Branagh’s Jack Ryan movie

News Ryan Lambie
8 Aug 2012 - 06:16
Kevin Costner

The mighty Kevin Costner has been offered a key role in Kenneth Branagh’s forthcoming Jack Ryan movie...

Not content with playing Superman’s father figure in Man Of Steel, it’s emerged that Kevin Costner’s been offered a similarly parternal role in Kenneth Branagh’s forthcoming Jack Ryan movie.

That film will star Chris Ryan as a younger version of the agent made famous in Tom Clancy’s novels, and such adapted movies as Clear And Present Danger and Patriot Games. Costner’s character will play Ryan’s mentor figure, who guides the young chap in his early days as a CIA recruit.

In what appears to be something of a career resurgence for Costner, he’s also been offered a part in another thriller, called Three Days To Kill. It’s based on a script by Adi Hasad and Luc Besson, a pairing which previously brought us the Liam Neeson showcase, Taken. If the movie goes into production, it's possible that McG might be in line to direct it.

If he accepts, Costner will play a dying government assassin who’s determined to get closer to his estranged daughter before he commits to the archetypal One Last Mission. It doesn’t sound much more original than Taken was, but it could be just as great a showcase for Costner’s acting and screen presence as that earlier film was for Neeson.

Whether Costner will accept either roles - or both - is obviously unknown at this point, but they both sound like decent projects for an actor of Costner’s abilities.


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