Red Dawn: first teaser trailer

Trailer Ryan Lambie 3 Aug 2012 - 07:12

As the long-delayed Red Dawn remake edges towards release, an explosion-filled trailer appears...

Like the distant rumbles of thunder before a storm, those tantalising pictures we published yesterday were merely an appetiser before the following teaser trailer. And where there are teaser trailers, full on, two-minute trailers inevitably follow.

We're rather fond of uncle John Milius' 1984 Cold War action fantasy, Red Dawn, in which Patrick Swayze and a bunch of high school chums defend their US town from invading Commie forces. The new film appears to be a faithful rendering of that earlier film, eccept with Chris Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson and some lad in a hat [that's Josh Peck – Ed] taking over as the young guns, who are all disappointingly mullet-free.

There are lots of explosions, plenty of boo-hiss invading villains (who are most definitely not from China) and the same frosty atmosphere as the 80s version. No Harry Dean Stanton cameo though, as far as we can tell.

This teaser trailer's taken from a US TV show, which explains the rather distracting female Dalek who shouts all over it. When we find a Dalek-free full trailer, we'll post that too.


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More porn for the NRA set.

The original was a nasty, mean spirited film and this looks to be no better

get to f**k, you pansy

Wow - what an intelligent response! I bet you have all your friends rolling around with laughter at your witty ripostes. Let's see what hilarious, well reasoned thing you can say next...

Nice reply redspider. I bet your parents are really proud of you!

Don't feed the troll.

My brain registered that headline as "Red Dwarf remake". lol

Remember how relieved you felt at the end of the eighties when all those brain-dead jingoistic testosterone fest 'movies' were behind us?
Oh crap.

Hear hear.

I saw the original in the cinema when it came out. My friend and I laughed so hard that a jock(macho meathead, not a Scotsman) threatened to beat up up if we didn't keep quiet.

How about DoG gets into the habit of changing the article title if/when a trailer is pulled down? Nothing more annoying than clicking in to find the trailer gone and no link. Doesn't need to be fancy, just something simple like adding an asterisk would be fine...

Will the snot bubble be reprising its role?

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