The Dark Tower: Russell Crowe in talks to star

News Ryan Lambie 3 Aug 2012 - 06:48

The long-in-gestation adaptation of Stephen King's Dark Tower may go into production soon, with Russell Crowe in talks to star...

There have been Hollywood attempts to film Stephen King's sprawling Dark Tower series since at least 2007. JJ Abrams was initially involved, and then he wasn't. 2010 saw Universal take an interest, with the possibility of a movie and accompanying TV series suggested. This never happened either.

In March this year, Warner took on the Dark Tower challenge, and it too appeared to be thinking about making a movie and a TV series, which would screen on its HBO channel. Javier Bardem was tipped to play the gunslinging anti-hero lead, Roland Deschain. 

Then it all went a bit quiet.

Now, however, new sources suggest that, although Warner still hasn't exactly decided whether to make a Dark Tower movie or not, it's at least shuffled along to a point where it's prepared to start thinking about making a decision. The word is that veteran writer Akiva Goldsman's turned in a new script, and that director Ron Howard is in talks with Russell Crowe to star as Deschain – Bardem, it seems, is no longer involved.

Warner, the story goes, will deliver its verdict on whether or not to go ahead with Dark Tower in two weeks – and getting a bankable lead involved, we suspect, will have a reasonable bearing on that decision.

Making an expensive sci-fi, horror and western mash-up based on no fewer than eight weighty tomes is a considerable risk for Warner, particularly in a climate where it's safer to remake something rather than gamble on a new property. But if Warner is willing to take a risk, there's more than enough material in those pages to craft a series of films akin to Lord Of The Rings, which is probably what's interested Hollywood in the first place.

We'll keep you posted on further Dark Tower developments as they emerge.


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crowe is not roland

couldn't agree more. personally i think Daniel Craig is the way to go

Can't see Crowe in the role. What about Hugh Jackman? He would suit the cowboy look. But would this be better as a Game of Thrones style TV show?

Agreed....Since seeing Craig in Aliens and Cowboys he could definitely pull this off. Not seeing Crowe in this role at all.

'Err, NO!' was my involuntary reaction to reading this. Roland is a tall slim-hipped, Eastwood type, not Maximus Chubbius Beridius. I'd be rather disapointed if the movies went ahead with him in the lead.
I hope they have the sense to ask Aaron Paul to play Eddie.

Even What'sHisFace who played Carter in "John Carter of Mars" would be better in this than Crowe. At least he'd fit the wardrobe. (I mean in the costume sense, not the Narnia sense, of course!)

Personally, I've always thought Russell Crowe was the actor who could best play Deschain. The only other actor who might pull it off is Christian Bale.

I always pictured Roland as Clive Owens when I was reading the series.

Crowe? Pffft! Viggo Mortensen is where it's at - wiry, lined, hard, old eyes. This is the only person I saw when reading the books (outside of constructing an anti-ageing chamber for old Clint of course).

NO NO NO NO A Million times NO!!! Reading this actually made me punch my desk and get a few funny looks from my co-workers. They need to think outside the box for this. You can't film the enourmous world that King created with standard filming and green screen. I say performance capture the thing, then we can have the only person who truly belong in Roland's boots playing Roland. Clint Eastwood. Come on. Anybody who tells you that they didn't imagine Roland as Eastwood in Good Bag and Ugly is either lying or an idiot.

I just watched an old episode of Castle and I honestly think that Nathan Million could play Roland.

Nathan Fillion has played a cowboy before, granted it was set on space. I was listening to waste lands recently and during the exchange between Roland and Blaine when Roland bellows "KILL IF YOU WILL BUT COMMAND ME NOTHING!" I was reminded of the scene in Serenity in which Mal tells the guard to "GET THEM BACK IN THE VAULT!" Based on this and his ability to be morally ambiguous, I really think Mr Fillion could pull it off. However, he is hardly a big name which would probably make the studio nervous, so imho Eddie should be played by Robert pattinson. Now, before some people decide to get a lynch mob together and come looking for me, look at his performance in Cosmopolis and Remember me. Both were a long way from Edward Cullen and were very good.

I like Nathan Fillion but could he play Roland? He seems just too humorous to me. Could he act someone that serious? Possibly. I guess I'd prefer him to Crowe. That being said, while I'm not a fan of Crowe, I think he could probably pull it off. I wish they'd gone with a talented unknown but I understand why they didn't go that route. While he doesn't quite look the part I think Bardem could have been interesting.

I don't think a movie franchise would work, Too much too fit into a trilogy and any movie franchise that has gone over four or five films have ended up being fairly has to be a five season 50 minute television show...I liked the suggestion of Aaron Paul as Eddie, definitely not Crowe for Roland though! I would like to see a relatively unknown actor take the part...someone who can committ a LOT of time to the project, from what I have seen of Karl Urban as a gritty Dredd I think he could pull it off...maybe not rugged enough about Thomas Jane he could be an option?, 30 years bout vigo mortenson?

reading the books i always imagined eastwood

daniel craig..brittish


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